Netflix l October 26, 2018

Samsung Note 9 - Best Smartphone For Streaming in 2018?

Samsung released a new Note two months ago which got me gyrating wildly as soon as I got my hands on it... if you watch our channel, you probably know that we love watching Netflix, especially on the mobile phone.

Why should you get Note 9 for streaming Netflix or YouTube or what have you.

The display

It’s quite the leap compared to this tiny SE. You can see the screen is a humongous 6.4’ inch Quad HD screen. The screen to body ratio is really impressive considering there’s no “notchstache”.

The Super AMOLED technology is what caught my eye which is phenomenal for streaming and watching YouTube videos on the go. Now YouTube’s compression is probably going to screw it up but streaming Netflix in source quality is amazing.

The battery

Now, Samsung’s been advertising that it should last at least 16 hours if you keep watching videos or stream videos on Netflix or even YouTube but realistically though, about 12 hours, I would say. So, it does technically have a good battery life which depends on how much you use it playing games or watching videos all day.

But that’s a good move considering the fiasco that happened to Note 7.


It also features High Dynamic Range, which is really good to get that dynamic blacks across the screen when you see dark areas. You can have a bright object and dark scenery co-exist without much interference. It’s impressive considering it’s a phone and supports most commonly used apps like Netflix, YouTube and a few others. And its 18:5:9 ratio would make Netflix fill the entire the screen with no blacks, which pretty darn cool.

You could shrink it down with a new picture-in-picture mode to deal with texts or notes or what have you.

The speaker

It doesn’t feature front-facing speakers which is a shame considering the fact that all other flagships have it.

It makes up with a speaker which quite loud and outputs clear audio. And, by the way, Note 9 is one of few flagship phones in the market that comes with the headphone jack. I love my headphones because I prefer quality which you don’t really get with Bluetooth or type C. And it comes with AKG headphones which are really good.

The S-pen

It’s kind of weird how it wants to be a gaming phone and a productive phone at the same time. It sure as hell can and they even give you a stylus or the S-pen.

Which charges within the slot of the phone. You can control your playback or music with it, write, scribble, draw phallic shapes. Who’s this phone for? Sketch artists? I could see people using it when their hands are grubby and don’t want to touch the screen.

And oh, the storage on this thing is enough to store a dozen Netflix shows on it. It’s mad good.

It’s pretty expensive, considering it’s around 800 dollars so it’s way better than iPhone. I had to nick it from my flatmate. But I can really see myself watching YouTube videos or Netflix on my way to work. And it’s got a battery power of 4,000 mAh so it can really last for quite a bit compared to other flagship phones. It’s definitely a good bang for your buck. If you can afford it.

We use it for streaming most of the time, especially Netflix. If you have a smart DNS or smart VPN which unlocks Netflix US and other sites. You should check it out. It’s got a 14-day free trail and everything. Smart DNS Proxy, obviously.

Thanks for reading and watching.