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Top 10 shows on UK Netflix that are not available in the US

It’s hard enough to get a new streaming service that comes out every week to watch new content. It feels even more like a punch when you realize that some shows are being locked away from you because you’re in the wrong country like the UK. Such as The Office, which is exclusive to Peacock in the United States even though it is literally is a remake of a British show.

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Here’s the list of the best UK Netflix shows that are not available in the US.

1. The Office (US)

Genre: Comedy | Episodes: 188 | IMDb: 8.9

The Office

This show needs no introduction but yes, it’s a remake on the Ricky Gervais UK satire show that actually surpassed it source material in terms of quality and popularity. It’s about a bunch of average office employees and their day-to-day life. The show was available on the Netflix US platform up until January 2021 when NBC decided to take it back to its own platform. Unsurprisingly, The Office (US) became the most-streamed show in 2020 with 57.13 billion views.

2. Rick and Morty

Genre: Adventure, Comedy | Episodes: 42 | IMDb: 9.2

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an Emmy award-winning adult animated sitcom about a brilliant sociopathic scientist Rick Sanchez and his not-so-bright 14-year-old grandson, Morty Smith. Together they explore the infinite universes, often causing chaos and running into trouble. It’s a brilliant show that treads the line between being adult and appealing to kids at the same time.

3. Orphan Black (2013)

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi | Episodes: 50 | IMDb: 8.3

Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a Canadian sci-fi thriller featuring Tatiana Maslany, an orphan who witnesses a suicide of a woman identical to her later turning out to be one of her many clones. Following which, she seeks to find the reason behind the existence of her clones and battles against those who intend to destroy them with help of her foster brother Felix. I know people who really enjoyed I just couldn't get past season 1. So, do what you will at your own discretion.

4. Line of Duty (2012)

Genre: Crime, Drama | Episodes: 36 | IMDb: 8.7

Line of Duty (2012)

Line of Duty is about three stern police officials from the British anti-corruption unit called AC-12. As they come to know about the pervasive nature of corruption among their own police officers and their link to organized crime, they seek to reveal the identity of ‘H’ known to be a corrupt senior official within the department.

5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Genre: Comedy | Episodes: 157 | IMDb: 8.8

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The show is the longest-running live-action comedy series depicting the story of five narcissistic friends who run a bar in Philadelphia. They often find themselves in the most ridiculous situations due to their childish behavior and small brains.

6. Unforgotten

Genre: Crime, Mystery | Episodes: 30 | IMDb: 8.3


London police detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan solve stone-cold murder crimes from the past. Every season involves a seemingly impossible-to-solve new case with a touch of emotional drama between the people involved.

7. Misfits

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy | Episodes: 38 | IMDb: 8.2


Misfits is a sci-fi comedy show involving a group of young offenders who end up doing six weeks of community service where they get stuck by lightning during a storm. Following this, all of them except one get superpowers. It’s a little offbeat but I loved it when I was a kid.

8. Star Trek: Discovery

Genre: Action, Adventure | Episodes: 49 | IMDb: 7.2

Star Trek: Discovery

I’m not a Trekkie but Star Trek: Discovery is the seventh series set in the Star Trek universe which really didn’t interest me but it just might be for you if you’re not a Trekkie. it’s about Michael Burnham, a Starfleet officer like Kirk who must truly understand all things alien, and guide Starfleet’s journeys in their missions to discover new worlds and life forms.

9. Modern Family

Genre: Comedy, Drama | Episodes: 250 | IMDb: 8.4

Modern Family

Modern Family is yet another mockumentary-style sitcom revolving around three different but related families living in Los Angeles who rely on each other to deal with day-to-day problems in their comical way. The show managed to win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in each of its initial five years.

10. Homeland

Genre: Crime, Mystery | Episodes: 96 | IMDb: 8.3


Winner of eight Emmys and five Golden Globes, Homeland presents a story of Carrie Mathison, a troubled CIA agent who is convinced of a marine who returns home after being a long-time prisoner of war turning into an Al Qaeda terrorist. 

Apart from these best UK Netflix TV shows, you’ll also be getting access to UK Netflix movies catalog featuring popular titles such as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Prestige, Deadpool, and more. Again, to access the UK catalog, you’ll need a reliable and secure VPN connection for which Smart DNS Proxy VPN is certainly your best bet.

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