VPN l April 27, 2018

How to get rid of NHL live stream blackouts with a VPN

NHL streams for you

Are you interested in watching NHL games? Do you want to follow the Stanley Cup Playoffs without blackouts? If your answer is ‘yes’, we have an easy solution to bypass NHL live stream blackouts that you may experience.

Viewing restrictions

As you probably know, a lot of channels are geo-blocked so they are available only for certain, restricted locations). Additionally, many networks use blackouts which are based on eligible viewing areas. Oftentimes, blackouts prevent broadcasting sports events on local networks due to ticket sales or games being carried on other channels. In order to get rid of all those problems, we give you a simple solution to them – a VPN connection.

Avoiding blackout

Blackouts are often imposed not only due to licensing agreements but also due to the fact that local networks are banned from airing sports event that are played in their area. This is supposed to boost ticket sales. If you use NBC Sports or NHL TV, our suggestion is to connect to a US server which is not in the area that the game is played. This simple trick will help you avoid local blackouts.

Streaming options

There are several ways to go around geo-blocks and blackouts. Some of them have been described below and they are all based on connecting to appropriate servers available with our services via VPN. Smart DNS Proxy is a service that offers its VPN servers scattered around the globe (including US locations) that will make it possible for you to connect to an American server and enjoy NHL games. Sign up with us (if you haven’t done it yet) and get your VPN account for free.

NBC Sports

There are a few simple steps to follow here. You need to:


If you don’t have cable, this is what you can do:

YouTube TV

YouTube TV includes all NBC channels for watching NHL matches. Again, you can use a free trial to start watching:

Sling TV

Sling TV is also a service that you can sign up for free for 7 days to watch your favorite games:


NHL.TV is an ultimate service for all hockey fans. Here’s how it works:

Another VPN trick

If you decide to use an NHL.TV subscription, bear in mind that it is available globally and the prices for different countries may vary. Why not use a VPN to connect to those countries and check if they do not have netter deals on NHL.TV subscription? A bit of research may bring benefits and help you save some money.

Enjoy the finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and a lot of other matches with our VPN!