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7 Apple TV Games We Loved Playing

Apple TV isn’t really considered a console but you’d be surprised how bloody good of a platform it is to play some amazing games.

In one of our previous videos, we showed you top 10 Apple TV games, and some of you guys asked for more, So, here we are with 7 more Apple TV games we’ve been enjoying lately.

Let’s begin.

Lego Batman movie game

It’s the official Lego Batman game made by Warner Brothers. It might seem like a shameless endless runner with Batman in it. But it’s actually quite good with the classic Will Arnett's quip, every time you screw up or grab coins. The fun element that does stand out is the beatboxing mechanic every time you crash. You need to time the notes to get back to the main game, which is as Lego Batmany as it can get. It really gets the spirit of the movie and turns into enjoyable gameplay. It’s free, it’s a lot of fun and, of course, it’s a Batman game.

Rayman Adventures

It’s the Ubisoft’s Mario if you will, it’s no contender for something like Rayman Legends and with many worlds but Rayman Adventures is a fun yet challenging platformer like its big brother Legends. Has about 140 levels even though there might be some repetition here and there, it’s a romp none the less.

Broken Age

Tim Schafer known for his point-and-click adventure like Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle made this after the genre pretty much died out with the help of a Kickstarter. It’s filled with the same kind of surreal dark humor you’d expect if you’ve played the others. It stars Elijah Wood who plays the lead teenager. You’re moving around by tapping in the screen and interacting with object, analyzing them and you talk to NPC’s to get the plot moving or to get to know the lore.

It’s well worth your time if you’ve never played any Tim Schafer’s games with one caveat where his point-and-click adventures are a slow burn type of game where you appreciate the story and characters instead of action. They work brilliantly on touchpads like Apple as its built that way and not having to use awkward controls on a controller.


Made by the indie developers’ supergiant games who made Bastion which also features an isometric point of view type role playing elements. Transistor is a science fiction RPG where you play as Red and is narrated by the weapon you wield. It’s beautifully designed with hand drawn character models and has an in-depth combat system where you strategically mix and match power-ups in a unique fashion which sets this one apart from the rest of the crowd.

It has Blade Runnery feel to it with a bit more video game edge. Smartly written characters and an original story this one is well worth your time. We played it on PS4 with the transistors voice coming through the controller which is an impressive gimmick and way more immersive.

Playdead’s Inside

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play it on console, this is a fantastic game with progressive layered puzzle designs. Playdead’s second game after Limbo is an atmospheric puzzle platformer with dark and dreary environments and subtle story telling with its world design. Inside is a 2.5D where you interact with elements that are 3D objects but the player in a 2D sight schooling. It’s roughly two hours, we played it when it came and it still holds up pretty well.

Lara Croft GO

it’s part of the GO trilogy from Square Enix and by and large the best one. It’s a finely crafted puzzler where it has a turn based style to it. The puzzles get more progressively complex making you think laterally and several moves ahead to solve them. More importantly, it really retains the spirit of Lara Croft with jumping shooting and puzzle solving in her particular style.

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is maybe the most intense Where’s Waldo game you’ll ever play with heaps of moving parts. You need to find a few things and people in each stage which get bigger and bigger with lots of movement and animation. The reason it does get harder is because of its B&W aesthetic which is just two colors. This makes you kind of really hunt for each thing you need to find. Levels are really dense with different themes and things happening at any given time. This makes you really appreciate the level design which is outstanding.

So, those were the 7 games that we at Smart DNS Proxy loved playing this month. Let us know which one piqued your interest in the comment section below.

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