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Amazon Fire TV stick best games

In our previous video, we talked about the best games for Apple TV and Android TV, if you haven’t check them out, click on the YouTube cards or see the link in the description. And guess, what’s next? Yes, the Firestick.

Now, while you can’t play AAA games on your Firestick like you can do with your Shield TV, but if you have kids around, you can play some fun titles by hooking up any Bluetooth controller. And no, I’m not talking about mainstream games like - Pacman, Sonic, and Solitaire etc. Rather some little known one. 

So, here are some of the best Firestick games for both old and new gen of Firestick. Let’s begin.

Shovel knight:

A sleeper hit platformer that pays homage with snes games and not just lip service as it gets nostalgia right by not emulating any one game but the entire catalogue of snes like Ninja Gaiden, Zelda 2, Castlevania, Duck Tales. It’s one of the most best pixel art games in the past few years with tones of DLC to boot and regular new playable characters that switch things up. You can’t play this with Alexa voice remote but you can hook up a controller.


Badlands is not your traditional Mario-esque platformer as it keeps things interesting with challenging environments and new concepts. The levels are designed with skill and challenge in mind and are very engaging visually, too. New enemies and obstacles add a bit of variety in the mix. It’s only available in 6 countries i.e. USA, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and Argentina. So, if you wish to play it, use a VPN or even our very own SmartDNSProxy. Which comes with a VPN and a smart DNS to help you unblock all the geo-restricted content and keep your laptop secure from prying eyes as a bonus. Badland is not officially available on Amazon Fire TV stick 4K – you can only find it in the 2 gen Fire TV stick. It turns out you can easily sideload the Android app off handheld onto the 4K version as well. It works flawlessly on our testing so far.

YouTube Kids

Well, this is not exactly a Fire TV stick game, but we totally recommend it if you have kids of ages 2 to 5. This is the app that comes in handy. If you open the app, it shows you the playlist for kids’ videos without any ads. It’s only optimized for the bigger screens but all the features work flawlessly as well. You can always sideload the official YouTube Kids app. We tried it and it works fine so check it out.


This isn’t a game in itself but it’s an open-source emulator to play all of your retro games from SNES, GBA and much more. I mean you’d need to a bit of installing apk’s and downloading ROMS yourself. If you’re up for that, search and download the game ROM and sideload it to your Fire TV stock via USB. We’ve done a separate video on this which should be in the description below. Bonus tip:  you can also do this on kodi.

Asphalt 8

If racing is your thing then this is the best your Fire TV stick can offer. This game challenges you to perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine. You’ll hit the ramps, taking the race upward as you perform barrel rolls and wild 360-degree jumps. It’s as much fun as it sounds but the mileage varies on how good you are at the game. It’s free to play and is ad supported. I did notice the game lags a bit in the older gen Firestick TV butit works perfectly fine in Firestick 4K. It’s a fun game for both kids and adults alike. And it’s not just that. You can easily change the layout of the controller by going to the game settings and control.


You a fan of Puzzle games? if not, skip this one but if you are Quell and its sequel are as challenging and fun as portal games. These games make you thing laterally to solve the puzzle which are usually the ones where you’d go AHA! It’s immensely satisfying.

You need to move the raindrop to roll it across the screen and collect shining pearls. You’ll be challenged with different obstacles which will make you change your tactics on the fly. Runs with Alexa voice commands too. We’re in the future ladies and gentlemen.

Crossy road

This endless runner is so addictive but not in an evil pay-to-win mobile kind of way. It’s incredibly simple yet tense as the stakes get higher for the score and the traffic gets more challenging to maneuver. It is a free-to-play gem that never pressures you into spending money. It’s been on so many platforms for years and is a good one to get your wee ones hooked on while you smoke a bowl upstairs.

So, these are some of the best games for Firestick, which you can play with the remote as well as the controller. While I do admit, these are not the most high-end games, but sufficient to keep the 5-year-olds busy. Either way, do check out our other videos on Firestick, like Firestick’s best apps and tips and tricks. These were one of our top videos as well.

Thanks for reading and watching and see you in the next one!

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