Amazon Prime Video: Good Will Hunting, The Witch & Loads of Other Content to Watch in September 2016

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Calling all Binge Watchers! So a new month (September) has started and it is exactly the right time to add tons of amazing content to a binge watching list, right? We are doing the same thing as every month, and yes, we have seen some great hits lined up for September. So if you are just a kind of binge watcher like us, then you simply can’t miss all Amazon Prime Video content this month. From classic, romance, action to all other movie flavors; this month everything is gathered in the catalog to give you a non-stop binge watching experience.

So read on below and find out what’s fresh, what’s classic, and everything in between on the video content you can catch up on Amazon Prime this September. Not to forget that it has other perks such as Amazon Video that can deliver more value out of your subscription fee, and that too without any hidden charges.

Top Picks for September

The catalog is overwhelmed with great content, but some movies and TV shows are definitely a NO-MISS for this September. So here are some recommendations from us - hope you will like them.

Transparent: Season 3 *Amazon Original – 23rd September

Emotions overloaded already! If you haven’t watched any episode of Transparent, then go back, and watch the series as you will be filled with emotions in every single session. Jeffrey Tambor plays Maura Pfefferman, a transgender woman in Transparent. The story is about the transition, and how he will open up in front of his family. It is sure going to be a tissue episode, because you’ll cry out loud.

Good Will Hunting – Available from 01st September

Love Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Robin Williams (late)? You sure do, right? This back-to-school movie is a perfect flashback to go in the past and see how the geniuses work. If you haven’t watched it before, then click on the trailer and find out what’s going to happen.

The Witch – Available on 17th September

Binge watching is incomplete for me if there is no horror spice in it. So here you go! Grab popcorns and get ready for the so-scary sounds and action on Witch.

List of all Amazon Prime Content for September 2016

It wouldn’t be fair if we just picked some flicks from the Amazon library. So a wise man advice is to check all the great content uploaded in the library and pick from your favorite genres.


Available September 1

·      1984 (1984)

·      2001 Maniacs (2005)

·      Any Given Sunday (1999)

·      Apollo 13 (1995)

·      Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

·      Autopsy (2008)

·      Borderland (2007)

·      Breakheart Pass (1975)

·      The Broken (2008)

·      Bronson (2008)

·      Buried (2010)

·      Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)

·      Caddyshack (1980)

·      Crazy Eights (2006)

·      Dark Ride (2006)

·      The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)

·      The Devil Inside (2012)

·      Dying Breed (2008)

·      Eight Men Out (1988)

·      Fido (2006)

·      Food, Inc. (2008)

·      Four Feathers (2002)

·      From Within (2008)

·      Full Metal Jacket (1987)

·      Fun Size (2012)

·      Future world (1976)

·      Good Will Hunting (1997)

·      Hair (1979)

·      Heaven's Gate (1980)

·      Imagine That (2009)

·      Interview with a Vampire (1994)

·      Jeff Who Lives at Home (2011)

·      Lake Dead (2007)

·      Man on Wire (2008)

·      The Mechanic (2011)

·      Mr. Majesty (1974)

·      Mulberry Street (2006)

·      Nightmare Man (2006)

·      Offspring (2009)

·      Out of Time (2003)

·      Pusher I (1996)

·      Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands (2004)

·      Pusher III: I’m the Angel of Death (2005)

·      Reincarnation (2005)

·      Roman Holiday (1953)

·      Saved! (2004)

·      Scary Movie 2 (2001)

·      The Secret of N.I.M.H. (1982)

·      The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)

·      The Thaw (2009)

·      Theater of Blood (1973)

·      To the Wonder (2012)

·      Unearthed (2007)

·      United States of Leland (2003)

·      Wiener-Dog (2016)

·      Young Adult (2011)

Available September 2

·      Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Available September 3

·      Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)

Available September 9

·      Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction (2006)

Available September 10

·      Knock Knock (2015)

Available September 12

·      Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008)

·      Cocaine Cowboys (2006)

·      Drillbit Taylor (2008)

Available September 15

·      Black Death (2010)

·      Ghosthunters on Icy Trails (2015)

Available September 16

·      Stop-Loss (2008)

Available September 17

·      Captive (2015)

·      The Witch (2015)

Available September 19

·      Freakonomics (2010)

·      Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

·      Ondine (2009)

·      Shadow Dancer (2012)

Available September 20

·      Serena (2016)

Available September 23

·      Sicario (2015)

Available September 24

·      Heist (2015)

Available September 26

·      180 South (2010)

·      Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (2011)

·      District 13 — Ultimatum (2009)

·      District B13 (2004)

Available September 27

·      No Place on Earth (2012)

Available September 28

·      Francofonia (2016)


Available September 2

·      The Stinky & Dirty Show Season 1

Available September 5

·      Doctor Who Season 9

Available September 9

·      Braindead Season 1

·      One Mississippi Season 1

Available September 16

·      Schitt's Creek Season 2

·      Fleabag Season 1

·      Creative Galaxy Season 2

Available September 18

·      American Gothic Season 1

Available September 23

·      Transparent Season 3

Available September 30

·      Crisis in Six Scenes Season 1

Does your list have space?

I am sure that you have enough to choose from now to give your couch or bed a warm binge watching cuddle, but yeah, there is a lot more on other streaming channels as well.

Can you access all?

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