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Being a Digital Nomad and staying in touch with the world through Smart DNS Proxy

Why not give everything up and leave … with a laptop?


What is digital nomadism?

Digital nomadism is an increasingly popular trend among people following the galloping changes that have occurred in the labor market due to the development of technology. Many employees appreciate the comfort of working in one place due to the stability and various benefits associated with it. It turns out, however, that mobility is the most appreciated and desirable value and the freedom of movement is one of the main factors shaping the present reality, and it is this factor that will be the goal and desire of a significant part of employees.

Who are digital nomads

Contemporary digital nomads are mainly freelancers, graphic designers, writers, entrepreneurs or employees of various corporations who, thanks to the possibility of remote work, can travel all over the world. They are also programmers, copywriters, marketing consultants, web designers, SEO consultants, foreign language teachers, translators, lawyers, owners of various online businesses, bloggers, virtual assistants and psychologists. There are thousands of industries that offer remote work opportunities.

Contrary to stereotypes, digital nomads are not hippies wearing woven bracelets, not travelers who work in exchange for food and sleep, and not office workers who work a day or two from home or from a cafe around the corner. Most of them are educated, talented and creative people who, apart from being able to work online, also want to see the world and live their lives in an interesting way.

We are all digital nomads

Thanks to the rapid growth of digital networks and devices enabling remote contact from anywhere in the world, we have all, in a sense, become digital nomads. Distances, transport problems, borders and some unpredictable events, such as the pandemic, have caused many people to decide or be forced to change their lifestyle, and according to expert forecasts, over a billion people will choose to work in this way by 2035.

Not just work

A digital nomad does not have to have a permanent place of residence and his "home" can be a cabin by the sea, a cafe, a co-working space, a rented apartment or a motorhome - any place with the Internet access is suitable for this. Such mobility does not have to be related only to work and, for many people, it is a life philosophy thanks to which they care not only about their professional careers, but also for their personal development and cultivating their passions.

A very important part of the mobile lifestyle and enjoyment with it is access to entertainment. While in the modern world, with a few exceptions, the borders between countries or continents are disappearing and, thanks to technology, distance is no obstacle, the geographical restrictions imposed by various websites are very real.


Always online wherever you are

Many websites, including streaming services, are geo-blocked. This is due to many factors, including licensing restrictions, the strategies of large media corporations and film studios, and sometimes various geopolitical reasons. If you plan to spend some time away from home, regardless of whether you are looking for work or adventures (and perhaps both), you must take into account that your access to some services may be difficult.

Streaming services offering thousands of movie and music channels is currently one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. Platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video have gained popularity around the world and are the most-watched services, slowly replacing traditional television. Usually, they are based on an on-demand principle and give full freedom of choice as to the place, time and type of content viewed. Most of them are available on numerous mobile devices without the need to have a TV connected to an antenna cable. All you need is the Internet access and an active account. But here is where things get tough.

What is Smart DNS Proxy technology?

If you have decided to travel around the world and have your favorite movie or music channels, you may find yourself in a situation where your device refuses to stream some of its content. This is because servers that offer streaming services detect your IP and determine where you are at any given moment. If a music or movie channel is geographically restricted, its content will only be available in that particular area. For people who consciously give up the pursuit of stationary work, money, or a career and choose adventure, learning about the world, independence and nonconformity, such a situation is unacceptable.

Smart DNS Proxy is an innovative technology that, thanks to its ease of use, is an ideal solution for problems with geographic restrictions. It is based on fast and secure DNS servers through which network traffic is directed, which hides its part responsible for location detection and allows access to a given website as if the query from our device came from an eligible location.

Smart DNS Proxy for travelers

Our servers are scattered all over the world. This allows you to redirect your traffic from anywhere in the world to a specific server in a particular location. If you are a sports enthusiast from Europe and your favorite channel is the European version of Eurosport but your dreams and ambitions have thrown you across the globe, you can still follow your favorite sports disciplines without any problems. If you are from the USA, have an active subscription to Netflix but you cannot live without your favorite Netflix original series, and, in the pursuit of freedom and adventure, you have found yourself, for example, in Asia - Smart DNS Proxy will make your query forwarded through a dedicated server located in the USA and you can easily watch the next episode.

All our servers are secure and encrypted. This keeps your online activities safe and anonymous. Even we do not know what is happening on your side because our system does not keep any logs.

Safety first and foremost

One of the key elements of life in motion is broadly understood safety. It is not only security of your body and your property, but also network security - something that, along with the development of information technology, has become an indispensable part of online activities. The dangers we face in the virtual world are very insidious because we often neither see them nor expect them. As long as we can take care of our own safety, we should leave the security of our online activities to specialists.

Smart DNS and Smart VPN

If you are a digital nomad and moving from place to place is a normal lifestyle for you, you need to make sure that your network connections are secure. Traveling often requires the use of public Wi-Fi hotspots or unsecured networks. This means exposure to hackers or making sensitive data public, which, in turn, leads to a lot of trouble. One of the ways to deal with network security is Smart DNS and Smart VPN technologies.

How to use Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a solution that, thanks to dedicated servers located in many places in the world, redirects part of the network traffic responsible for detecting your IP and thus - your location, through these servers. The technologically advanced method allows you to hide your real IP without actually changing it. This allows you to simultaneously access sites that are normally geo-blocked and use your local sites and services without any problems. Using Smart DNS does not affect the connection speed and you can watch your favorite movies or series on multiple devices from anywhere in the world without any trouble.

What is Smart VPN

Smart VPN (also known as VPN-over-DNS) is a hybrid solution combining the advantages of Smart DNS (easy configuration as well as speed and reliability) and VPN (security and anonymity provided by a virtual "tunnel"). By redirecting all network traffic through special VPN servers scattered around the world, you can easily connect to the selected location, making your secured and encrypted network traffic appear as if coming from the place of your choice. Advanced encryption mechanisms protect your data from making it public. Consequently, you can safely use the Internet without worrying that your sensitive data, access passwords to banking applications or important emails will be intercepted by anyone outside.


Travel all over the world and join Smart DNS Proxy

If you have decided to be a digital nomad, it is high time to consider choosing the right tool that will provide you with stable and safe access to all websites. Our solutions will allow you not only to work remotely in a safe way but also provide you with unlimited entertainment possibilities. Thanks to Smart DNS and Smart VPN technology, your online activities will remain safe, anonymous and will allow you to access many sites and services that would normally be unreachable due to geographic restrictions.

Thanks to our Smart VPN technology, you will always have safe access to your work-related resources and the certainty that your connection will be protected against any external intervention. Our Smart DNS will give you access to geo-blocked streaming services, which will allow you to be up-to-date with your favorite movies and series, no matter where you choose to be. Our solutions are very easy to use and require neither specialist knowledge nor additional expensive devices.

Join us - you have 14 days to try our possibilities for free. Go out into the world, join Smart DNS Proxy and enjoy unlimited access to Internet resources wherever your passion and dreams take you.