Get a Ticket, Fly To Brazil Or Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Live!

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The international multi-sport event, Summer Rio Olympics 2016 is scheduled to be held from 5th August to 21st August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The excitement and enthusiasm of the sports lovers can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Either you are a fan of volleyball, swimming, football, wrestling or any other sport, the 2016 Summer Rio Olympics have included 26 sports of your interest in the mega event with two additional sports ‘golf’ and ‘rugby union’. The opening ceremony of this event will take place on 5th August at the Maracanã stadium, Rio de Janeiro.

Get a Ticket, Fly To Brazil Or Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Live!

The perfect and ideal way to watch the biggest sporting event of 2016 is to simply buy a ticket, pack your bag and leave for Rio de Janeiro, witness and enjoy the best shots of the competitions there, live! Seeing the live performances of more than 10,000 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees in the grounds of Brazil, supporting and cheering them during the games would be indeed an extraordinary experience for the spectators.        

Watch Online Streaming of Rio Olympics 2016 at Home

Can’t leave your city to watch the live action of Rio Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro? Or prefer to catch all the glimpses of the Olympic event at home on the couch? Then worry not. In this article, we have added all the details to be assured that you do not miss the Olympics. The venue of the sporting event might be freaking miles away from your location, but that doesn’t mean you could not enjoy the Olympic games. You can also become a part of it by watching the online streaming of Rio Olympics 2016 and can cheer and relish every single moment of it. All the games of Olympics will be telecasted by a number of broadcasters all over the world. The official broadcasters of the Olympics 2016 are listed below along with their respective regions:


Official Broadcasters

United states

NBC Sports


BBC Sports


Seven Network




Rede Globo



Hong Kong






New Zealand

Sky TV



How to Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Live From Anywhere?

Being a sport fanatic you don’t want to miss any bit of the Olympics. But if you are residing outside the above-mentioned regions you will be restricted to stream your favorite Olympic sport. To be able to enjoy the sports you love you will need a SmartDNS subscription or a VPN connection to unblock all the desired content.

What is SmartDNS? It's a technology that binge watchers and streaming lovers like us developed and created. With Smart DNS, the worry of not connecting to the desired channel from distant location is no longer a dream, but have became a reality. Smart DNS grants access to all restrcited content around the world, and doesn't surface encyrption layers around it.  

What does a VPN do? VPNs allow the users to spoof their identities and geographical locations. A VPN provider replaces their actual IP address, which allow the users to unlock the restricted content online. Moreover, VPNs secure your precious data typically on the Internet and protect your data from the intruders. Also, by using a VPN your online activities and browsing habits can’t be scanned or monitored.          

Watch Rio Olympics 2016 Live With SmartDNS Proxy

Looking for a reliable, speedy and simple to setup VPN connection? Then SmartDNS Proxy will be the best answer. SmartDNS Proxy provides the accessibility to streams in different regions of the world with complete freedom. You can have access over 200+ channels globally with blazing fast speeds and with unlimited bandwidth. It also offers multiple device support. This means you can use SmartDNS Proxy on Laptops, Mobile phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi gadgets at the same time. Furthermore, our 24/7-customer support service is always there to help you via emails and live chats. Still thinking? Sign Up today for SmartDNS Proxy and get your 14-day free trial.     

Below are the channels that you can tune in with Smart DNS Proxy subscription to access all the remarkable sporting actions from Rio Olympics.


- iTV

- Zattoo

- TVPlayer

Get ready for Rio 2016!

Get ready for the historic event of the year and enjoy watching 306 events of Rio Olympics 2016 in 17 days of competition with SmartDNS Proxy without any restrictions.

Happy viewing!

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