Smart DNS Proxy l March 11, 2019

How to Find Good Movies to Watch with Smart DNS Proxy

It can get real hard to figure out what to stream next in Netflix’s vast library which, let’s be honest, has a lot of duds in there. You don’t want to waste your time sitting through those.

You’d most probably use Reddit or ask a mate for a suggestion. I do that quite a bit. This got me thinking how I can incorporate tech into this part of my life.

So, we dug through some websites and found some really good ones that actually do the job for you be it Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

Let’s check them out.

1. IMDB ratings

First thing you should do, is filter out the crappy movies on Netflix. I use the Rateflix extension for that. Once installed, head over to Netflix and hover over the movies and TV shows. It will show you an IMDb rating.

Unfortunately, Rotten Tomatoes ratings don’t work as good as IMDB. For Amazon Prime, you can easily find the IMDB rating by just hovering over the titles. If you are an Android user, you can use the flutter app to get IMDB rating on Netflix app. For anything else, you’ll need the Google assistant or Siri.

2. Suggest Me Movie

If you are in no mood for searching movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime, then try Just open the site and you’ll get a new film recommendation, with its IMDb rating and a trailer.

If you don’t like the suggestion, click on the ‘suggest me movie’ button and it’ll suggest a new one. You can even set up filters to start and end years, genres, minimum IMDb score, votes, etc.

And by the way, it also works on mobile. Give it a go.

3. Stayin

This one is for all the Tinder users out there. Stayin is a new web app that helps you find a good movie with Tinder-like interface. It asks you what type of mood you are in and based on that, it’ll suggest you a movie. For instance: Are you in the mood of some scary movie? Do you like 80’s movies? Etc. You have to click on Yes or No.

Once you answer enough questions, Stayin will recommend you a movie with its iMDB rating in the bottom. You can click on More, to see complete details like running time, trailers etc.

4. Flixable

Even though you find a good title to watch, there is no guarantee you’ll find them on Netflix, or even Amazon Prime videos. So, if you are looking to watch something available on Netflix, Flixable is your best bet as an enhanced version of Netflix search. You can search for movies and TV shows on Netflix filter by genre, release year and IMDB rating, etc.

Of course, just like all the web apps, it works on mobile too.

5. Unogs

This one take Flixable to one step ahead.

One issue with Flixable is that it shows you the results only from Netflix US only. For instance, lately I wanted to watch Billions, but it wasn’t available on my regional Netflix. So, I just search for it on Unogs website.

Now the cool things is, Unogs will show you all the listed movies along with which country has it on their Netflix catalog. For this instance, I know Billions is available on Netflix Japan. So, I’ll just switch to the Japan server using Smart DNS Proxy VPN and search for it on Netflix. And here it is. Pretty cool. huh?

So, there you go, you can automate movie suggestions now. Also, check out Smart DNS Proxy to unblock your favorite shows on American Netflix, Hulu BBC iPlayer and Prime videos. You can do all that for about 16 cents a day, which is about $5 a month and you also get free VPN that you just saw. Thanks for reading and watching, subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop and see you on the next one.