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How to Kick People Off Wi-Fi

Be it your jerk neighbor who’s mooching off of your Wi-Fi or your kids watching YouTube videos incessantly instead of doing their homework. Then again how is Logan Paul getting all those views? Anyway, there are several reasons why you might want to kick people off your Wi-Fi network.

And God forbid, what if someone’s using your connection to do something lawless. You don’t want the FBI knocking at your doorstep. Now, do you?

Now that your all riled up, in this video we’ll show you how to see if some is stealing your Wi-Fi and how you can kick them off.

A quick way to check if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi connection, is by looking at the router’s indicators. Shut down all wireless devices and see if your router’s indicators are still blinking. If they are, then there is a high chance that an intruder is using your Wi-Fi.

To confirm this, you can either login to your router and check the list of connected devices, or if you don’t have access to your router then use the Fing app on your smartphone. The app is available on both Android and iOS and shows you the list of all connected devices, what type of devices they are like a smartphone or Apple computer, and the nature of their connection, MAC address, and so on.

Once you are confident that someone is indeed using your Wi-Fi without your permission, here is how you can kick them off of your network.

1. Routers - change password, or router’s options

Assuming that you have access to your router, the easiest thing way to kick people off your Wi-Fi network is to change the Wi-Fi password. Simply open up any web browser and type in your router’s IP address, usually it’s and then enter the username and password. Once you are in, look for Wireless option or the Wi-Fi security options. There you will see your Wi-Fi password, change it. Now, this will disconnect every device that was previously connected to your router including the Wi-Fi moocher.

It you don’t want to go through the painstaking process of re-connecting all your devices with the new password, then don’t worry, you can even block one device at a time from your router settings. All routers have a different interface so there is no real fixed guide, but in general, you need to look for DHCP options or client list. Once there, look for the MAC address that doesn’t belong to your home network. Some routers are smart enough to fetch the device name as well, for rest, you have use apps like Fing or check manually.

Once you find the rouge MAC address, simply disconnect it.

But there is one tiny problem, the DHCP list on routers doesn’t really show all attached devices, but only those devices that got their IP address automatically from the router. Which will make some knockoff Mr. Robot hacker get into your system with a static IP address and God knows what he wants.

2. Use Apps - Windows, Mac, Android

If for some reason, you don’t have access to your Wi-Fi router, you can still kick people off your network using a number of apps out there in the cloud.


To disconnect Wi-Fi users from PC, we are going to use a free application called NetCut. Once you install and launch the app, it will give you a list of all the devices. Select the MAC address you want to block and click on the “Cut” option. This will disconnect the Internet from the targeted device.


On Mac, you can use the JamWiFi app. Once the app opens, select the MAC address of the device whose Internet you want to block and click on “deauth” button. This action will disconnect the Internet from the victim’s device and unfortunately, your computer too.


Similarly, for Android users, you can use the Wi-Fi Kill or NetCut App, they work similarly to the previous one, the only downside is you’ll need a rooted Android device.

3. Get same IP address

If you don’t have access to your router either or want to download a third-party app, then here is something you can try. Though there is no guarantee that it will definitely work.

First off, find the IP address of the device on your network and use that same IP address for your device by going to the static IP address settings.

What’s happening here, is that since you are using the same IP address as the hacker, the router gets confused and disconnect both devices from the network. Though, this is far from perfect as the hacker can re-initiate the connection and the DHCP server will give him/her a new local IP address.

So, there you go, now that you have kick the intruders out of your Wi-Fi, make sure you set up a strong password, also limit how far your signal can reach. MAC filtering is of no use and MAC address can be easily changed by both hackers and amateurs alike. A better way of defense is using a WP2 encryption.

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