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iOS 13: New and Hidden Features for Streaming Enthusiast

It’s September, which means it’s Apple Event Time! We’ve got new iPhones, this is also the time when iOS 13 makes its way to the public. Now, we’ve been testing iOS 13 Beta on XS Max for quite some time now, and for all movies and games enthusiasts, here are some of our favorite iOS 13 features.

1. Dark mode

The first and foremost feature we’re excited about in iOS 13 is the dark mode. This not only is soothing to the eye while watching movies in the dark but also saves a lot of battery life. 

The Dark Mode on iOS 13 can either be triggered manually from the control central like this or you can schedule it. It also comes with a host of wallpapers which change their theme according to light or dark mode.

2. Non-intrusive volume bar

One of things we hated about the iOS was the large, translucent square volume bar, that sits right in the middle of the display. It’s just killed the whole video watching experience, to be honest.

Thankfully, in iOS 13, Apple has finally fixed it with a better, more modern looking UI which is highly functional, minimal and non-obtrusive. 

3. VPNs don’t break connections 

Talking about the things I hate in past version of iOS, if your phone went to sleep for a while, or you lost cellular signal or Wi-Fi then the VPN would break connection and stay off until you manually enabled it again.

Again, in iOS 13, this is fixed. If I create a hotspot from my iPhone, and the phone goes to sleep, the connection is still stable. But, it’s still a beta version now, let’s see how it performs after a stable release.

4. Two AirPods

Another favorite feature of iOS 13 is connecting with 2 AirPods. Yes, 2 pairs of AirPods can now be paired to a single iPhone to allow shared listening to same movies or music. This comes in handy when you are in the plane and you have one good movie on your phone that you would like to share with your significant other.

And not just that, if you have 2nd gen AirPods, you can read incoming messages as soon as they arrive from Messages.

5.  Force-touch on the Wi-Fi

I’ve two Wi-Fi connection at home, one has a better coverage and general browsing and the other is for high-speed Internet that I use for streaming Netflix.

And thankfully, I can now easily force-touch on the Wi-Fi icon to select which network or device they want to connect to. Without having to go to settings page to switch my Wi-Fi network. Saves a lot of time.

6. Game Controller Support

This is probably one of our favorite features. I play games on my PS4 and I play games on my iPhone and now, I can use the PS4 controller (or even Xbox One controllers) with my iPhone Xs. It’s even going to support Apple TV, which is awesome, as I was about to buy a SteelSeries controller.

I tried few games with the dual shock controller on my iPhone running iOS 13, and it works flawless even now. Try it out.

7. Find Offline Devices

You might already know this by now, but if you don't, I’m not the most careful guy around. There are times, when I’ve misplace my AirPods and iPhone, only to find them under the pillow an hour later.

Thankfully, from iOS 13 onwards, you can find the location of offline iOS devices. Yes, even if it has no internet. Say, if you are not able to find your phone, as soon as a user puts their device in Lost Mode, it will turn on its Bluetooth and look for nearby iOS devices. If it detects one, the nearby device will be used to ping the lost device’s location to the owner. Now, it’s not foolproof, meaning if you turn off your Bluetooth by enabling airplane mode, then it won’t work. But at least you’ll be able to find lost phones easily.

Overall, there are many awesome feature that we’ll see in iOS 13, but these are some my favorite ones that we are really excited about. Let us know in the comments section below which one you like most or, if you are on Android, what Android 10 features you are looking forward to.

Thank you for reading and watching and see you in the next one.