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Movies and TV shows like Money Heist

Money Heist season 5 is just around the corner or maybe even out now based on where you watch this. It left us on a cliffhanger after season 4 so while waiting and dancing to “bella ciao” a billion times, you can watch similar heist movies that are just as good, if not better.

Here are some of the best heist movies to watch after you binge season 5.

The Town

You might know Ben Affleck for his Batman portrayal. Did you know that he’s a really good director, too? This is a crime thriller where a bunch of bank robbers do the classic one final score to get out. It’s got the Boston vibe and subtle character study that sets really intriguing premise for a heist. This should be a must-watch if you like Money Heist.

The Old Man and The Gun

This one stars Robert Redford as an old man who’s a ... let’s say a “gentleman thief”. He’s polite and does not use violence but gets away with robbing banks. He also escapes prison 17 times and so on. It’s actually based on a real person and its really interesting. Definitely worth a watch.

Inside Man

This one is a gem from the mid 2000’s. It stars Denzel Washington as a detective/hostage negotiator and Clive Owen (he really stopped making movies now, didn’t he) as the criminal mastermind who orchestrates the heist. The riveting drama between the cast is what makes this movie amazing. And the heist is incredible, too. You really don’t want to miss this one.

Logan Lucky

Directed by Steven Soderbergh who made the Oceans’s series. This one has a bit of a twist. It’s about a bunch of rednecks starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig who attempt to rob a motor speedway race while avoiding the FBI. It certainly has a different flavor to it and is really fun to kick back with a beer. Save this one for the rainy days.

Good Time

This one stars Robert Pattinson (who’s actually a really good actor). Anyway, he plays Connor who’s trying to break his mentally disabled brother out of prison and escape the cops in the same night. It’s thrilling every moment and has a memorable ending which we don’t want to spoil. You should check it out even if you don’t like Robert Pattinson as an actor.

Hell or High Water

This one definitely is really different from any other ones as most of the heists in this one takes place in small remote towns with few cops. It stars Chris Pine as

the robber who wants to save his ranch and Jeff Bridges as the cop who’s on his way out. The twists and turns keep the drama as interesting as ever. It’s a relaxing watch for a Sunday afternoon. Keep this one on your mind for those lazy Sundays.

American Animals

It is a recent film that went unnoticed. It follows four college friends who plan a heist of their library. It tells the story of an actual heist which took place at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky back in 2004. If you like true crime stories like us, this one is worth watching. But it’s not top tier like the other ones before.


Written by Gillian Flynn who wrote Gone Girl. This one stars Michelle Rodriguez and Viola Davis with a few other notable stars who are the Widows of a botched heist. Now, they plan to rob a politician for $5 million to pay back the mob boss of their husbands. It’s got the dramatic themes with popcorn thrills of Money heist. It’s really great but didn’t do well as most people watched Venom instead.

One more - The Italian Job

A quite successful remake of the original British classic. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and Donald Sutherland. It isn’t groundbreaking but he tight script and fun characters almost remind you of Money Heist. it follows motley crew of thieves who plan to steal gold from a former associate who double-crossed them. It’s definitely a great watch.

So those were some of the best heist movies that we love. Do you think we missed any? Let us know in the comments section below.

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