Smart DNS Proxy l February 15, 2021

SDP YouTube channel with 50K subscribers - thank you!

Thank you all for helping SDP reach 50K subscribers.

We’ve being doing what we do for over five years now and we are grateful to have built a budding audience.

Although it feels a little self-indulgent to celebrate when most of the past year has been misery and heartbreak for most people.

We are thankful that we still get to do this job that survived the pandemic because of your views, comments, likes and even nitpicking.

Thanks to each and every one of you who subscribed and watch our videos. We know some of the topics might not to be your taste but we do hope you find it informative at least.

Going forward, we’re thinking of making videos on trending topics and addressing commonly faced technical difficulties to make your life easier.

Anyway, it’s fantastic that you’ve been with us so far, looking forward to reaching many more milestones with everyone in this community.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and THANK YOU AGAIN for your support!