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2016 Update: This year MTV VMA’s star is Beyonce. Britny Spears didn’t hit high, but Rihanna and Drake did the melting job for our hearts.

So let’s begin with the buzz around MTV and why you should stream MTV Live streaming today!

MTV is one of the most famous American digital music TV and cable channel. It was presented in 1981 focusing on young adults as its audience later youngsters and teenagers also became its favored audience.

It is also an online station for music addicts and followers. The cyber version of the famed music channel is solely accessible in the USA. Other than live streaming the content that is exclusively available to its audience include entertainment shows, music videos and music news along with streaming services for live shows. The streaming services of MTV can be availed on portable devices such as Android tablets and Smartphones, iPads and by using native apps of MTV on iPhones as well as on PCs, gaming consoles and Smart TVs.

MTV Coverage is broad, but not the accessibility

Despite the fact that its enthusiastic audience massively follows the cyber version of the MTV, still there are videos and programs that are not accessible to people foreign to the USA. If you try to search for a video from outside the USA, a message pops out saying “Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location”.

Such restrictions turn out to be disappointment and irritation for its viewers be it a tourist or a viewer from other counties. The reason behind how MTV site restricts these people from foreign countries is that it can identify a foreign IP address. So if you want to watch your favorite MTV shows and stream them from any location outside the USA, you just need to change your IP address using a VPN or Smart DNS service. The virtual private network service must be able to provide you with a US IP address.

So how does a VPN and Smart DNS work?

VPN covers all your traffic and lets you enjoy high level security. VPN lets you go online with full privacy, maintaining your anonymity thus saving you from websites that track your online activities. While you are using a public Wi-Fi, a VPN maintains your confidentiality by keeping your password and other data safe and secure.

Similarly, Smart DNS also works in the same fashion, but the only difference between a VPN and Smart DNS is that it doesn’t map the connection with enrich protocols. A Smart DNS is specially designed to cater streaming needs of users, and a lot of streaming users don’t worry much about the encryption, but only speed.

Unblock MTV Live Streaming Outside The USA With

Thanks to, you can unblock MTV Live streaming services right away outside the USA using a SmartVPN or a Smart DNS Proxy as we offer you the best of the best deal ever! You get to enjoy Smart DNS Proxy services free of cost on buying our SmartVPN services. Yes! You get it right! You pay for SmartVPN services only and you get to enjoy both of the services with no extra charges.

SmartVPN Services Suit Your Needs The Most

To unblock MTV shows with a VPN, make sure that you pay for a VPN service that offers you unlimited speed and cloaking your IP address as the USA one. Smart DNS Proxy is one of the most recommended and accredited companies for their quality and reliable services with extraordinary speed and privacy needed for live streaming services with no annoyance. They not only offer Smart DNS Proxy services but also SmartVPNs making a one-stop solution for all your digital privacy and browsing problems. Sign up today for a SmartDNS Proxy account today and enjoy their 14 day free trial with no prepaid fees.


So What’s Next to Stream MTV Live from Home?

Well you are almost done and it’s time to follow the below steps and watch and listen everything air on MTV today.

Download The SmartVPN Software: Your next step is to download the SmartVPN software from the website and then install it following the instructions provided by their 24/7 Live support team. For tablets and smartphones, you are required to configure the VPN services.

- Save The Changes: Don’t forget to save the changes and restart your laptop or PC if needed.

- Get Connected To The VPN Services: To begin with your VPN services don’t forget to go and click on the VPN icon.

- Select A US VPN Server: As the SmartVPN service providers have VPN servers in many different countries, you need to make sure that the default server is from the USA. In case of a server that is not from the USA, opt for a one that is a US VPN server.

- Click On The MTV Show Names Or Videos To Enjoy Live Streaming! Hook up with the MTV website and click on the links such as show names and music videos. Feel free and have fun with MTV live streaming from anywhere around the world.

On Mobile? Here you go cherry on the top!

We all prefer to spend more of our time hanging around and do all the important work also, right? And fun should never be compromised at all. For your convenience, MTV has different apps bets suits for your need. Here is an overview:


MTV offers its own apps for Android devices such as iPad, Xbox, iPhone, Smart TV, Windows, Ovi, PSP, PS3 and PS4.

MTV App For Android

The MTV android app is worth installing in all of your smartphones and tabs. You can have instant access to unlimited music and live streaming on the go as well. Another amazing feature of the app is you can download it free. If you are outside US, you just need to support your device with a VPN that changes your IP into the USA one.

MTV App For iPhone

In case you are an iPhone lover, you can download the mtv app for iPhone from the iTunes App store. The app can be downloaded free of cost, offering you access to unlimited music and MTV shows. If you looking for MTV live streaming from outside the USA, you must grab this app making sure you have the VPN services available on your iPhone.

That's all for today, and we are sure that MTV, especially music lovers now have the right and easiest way to tune in to their favorite shows while they are on the move. So hurry up and sign up for Smart DNS Proxy 14-day free trial today and get access to anything and everything online!

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