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YouTube is Not Safe for Kids - Try These Apps Instead

There is no shortage of apps which are meant to amuse and educate young kids, however, finding something better than just letting your kids watch YouTube for hours or buy some in-app purchases is a little hard to find. In this video, I will show you some of the best apps that you can use to educate your kids.

1. YouTube Kids

This age-restricted version of YouTube is made to entertain and educate your kid. Start by creating a YouTube kids account for yourself (the parent) and then you are told to create a user for your child. Once you are done, let your kid explore the content by scrolling through various child-friendly genres like music shows and learning. YouTube Kids also enables you to voice search and find a specific video which falls under the child-friendly category. The best part about this app is its security feature like disabling search by which you can manually control the content consumption for your kid by disabling search and only letting them watch the content specifically curated content and adding a timer by which the app automatically locks after a certain period of watch-time is reached. Do check it out for its wide range of free content and security features.

2. PBS Kids Video

Next up the list we have an app from PBS. This app is an amalgamation of live and on-demand kids’ videos for your little ones. Just open the app and select either live PBS TV or a character of your choice and start watching. PBS has famous characters like Curious George, Bob the Builder, Sesame Street and much more; however, there is a catch, PBS is available only in the USA so if you want to unblock it, you can use the Smart DNS Proxy VPN.

Just follow our video to change the region of your iPhone and then start a VPN connection with Smart DNS Proxy VPN and let your child enjoy PBS content.

3. Nick Junior

Developed by Nickelodeon Studios, Nick Junior packs in some great titles suitable for your kids like Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Wallykazam!, etc. It also has educative games like Ready Set Solve and Super Search. This app also has a super intuitive way to teach your kids words for certain alphabets by letting them click on a popup of an alphabet within the app; once you click on it, an animation pops up with a word like P for Party or J for Jellyfish.

4. Sesame Street

if your child loves Bert and Ernie or Elmo then Sesame Street is the app for you. You get to see all these characters sing and dance with celebrities and educate your child with things like alphabets, under its learning area you can find videos regarding various subjects such as art, health, and logical reasoning, etc. This app will help your child learn in an interactive manner. Do give it a shot.

5. GONoodle

This app provides a platform for your kids to learn dance, do yoga, and other activities through tutorials and short videos. Just launch the app and log in using your email account, insert your zip code and you are done. The best part about this app is the diverse nature of its content. The child can learn how to dance and do yoga, and at the same time, with sections like “Think About It” and “Flow” where the child can learn good habits and manners. This is a really good one.

6. CN

No folks, it's not your old Cartoon Network, it’s CN. This app lets you watch your favorite Cartoon Network shows like Ben 10, Justice League and Teen Titans Go just by the tap of a button. You can just open the app and start playing. This app also has full movies under the movies section, but for that, you'll need to sign up. Do check it out if your kid loves CN and there's Powerpuff Girls too if you’ve got a female kid.

7. Netflix and Hulu kids

Netflix is the king of digital content internationally for adults, but what about kids? Yeah, Netflix offers a variety of content just for kids with shows like Peppa Pig to movies like Boss Baby. You can also set a password for your account so that none of the kids could access your account. Hulu, on the other hand, offers its range of shows dedicated for kids like Caillou, Handy Manny and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Just set the required security for your account and let your kid enjoy the content of these apps.

So, these were some of the apps that can teach your kid a thing or two when they’re not breaking them, do let us know if you know any other apps that are worthwhile in the comments section. Subscribe for more videos like this and see you in the next one.

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