Smart VPN l November 27, 2015

10 Solid Reasons Why You Should Start using VPN Today Itself

Imagine you are a diehard fan of ‘House of Cards’ and can’t afford to miss even its single episode on your preferred online streaming channel. However, the fact that you are an expatriate to some foreign country deprives from enjoying the regular dose of your favorite show. Why? Because most of the online streaming channels whether Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Pandora, and more have geo-restrictions.

This simply means that you can watch them only in the licensed location, like in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. However, if you wish to see them outside the allowed countries, your desire may come a cropper. So, would you have to wait to return to your original location to watch those happenings shows? Not at all! Thankfully, Virtual Private Network is there to help you in this cause.

However, this is not the only reason why you should use a VPN; perhaps it is helpful in a roaster of cases. Here are top 10 of the important reasons why you should embrace a VPN right today.

1. Hide your identity online

Since you are not doing anything wrong online, so what is the need to hide your identity? This is indeed quite a valid question. Unfortunately, several unscrupulous online users are persistent after you without your knowledge. They can hack into your system and steal your confidential digital data. Moreover, you may run the fear of getting censored for making an adverse comment against the administration. Several websites may block your system for accessing a restricted online content.

All these and many more factors make it a necessity to hide your identity online. Not surprisingly, a VPN is the best remedy to such a situation.

2. Security from Hotspots and public networks

It is quite possible for someone in your neighbor to gain access to your Wi-fi network. Likewise, while you are using a hotspot at a public place, say a restaurant, chances for the security of your device to get comprised are grave.

Using a virtual private network can secure your device and hence your identity satisfyingly in any such occurrence.

3. Access censored content

Irrespective of your location, a VPN can help you browse through the censored websites without your identity being compromised. Whether you want to read a Chinese journal, wish to know what is latest from a geo-restricted news channel, or simply wish to know the score of a soccer match, VPN is the one-stop remedy to all such concerns.

4. Download via Torrent

Do you download a movie, song or any other file through torrent? I am sure you do. But do you use VPN while torrent downloading? If not, then make sure to use it from today onwards, since it protects your identity while trying to gain access to several copyright protected data. You are indeed lucky if you are saved till now while torrenting without VPN.

5. Online Gaming

A VPN not only helps you keep your identity secret, but is equally good in boosting the internet speed when it matters the most. You may realize one such requirement while playing a game online along with your internet friends. All you need is to bring all your friends on the same server and choose a VPN that could provide you with a server, which is close to all of you.

6. While at work

While you are in your office or in your school lab, trying to gain access to some important files or research papers online, chances are brighter that you network fails you. Why not set up a VPN on your Smartphone and open the blocked website consisting of the content of your interest.

7. Break free from advertisements

You may not be aware but there are companies that track you online searches religiously. These firms sell the tracked data to advertisers, which almost bombard your system with inappropriate advertisements while online surfing. If you could hide your IP addresses using a VPN, it will keep your searches confidential and hence lessen the chances of seeing unwanted ads on your screen.

8. Assistance in digital marketing

Digital marketing professionals, preferably, SEOs, and SMOs utilize the services of VPN to track the user behavior of a particular location. This helps them in devising the strategy of website promotion for their clients specifically hailing from the concerned locations.

9. Get cheaper flight tickets

You might have encountered incidences where traveling agencies show increased flight booking prices when you browse their websites the second time. Moreover, depending on your location, you may experience appreciable difference in the booking rates. The same holds for hotel room booking as well.

While you use VPN, you may save yourself from paying additional amount since it will protect your IP address secret from such agencies.

10. Secure your communication

If you are a regular Skype or VOIP user, you should secure your conversations with the encryption ability of a VPN. Chances are likely for someone else to intrude into your conversations otherwise.


These are only some of the multifarious benefits of using a VPN. You may discover many more of them while you start using it like an inseparable part of your life.

If you are yet to get a VPN connection, you can always approach Smart DNS Proxy and opt for the 14-day trial offer. Once you are satisfied, you are free to choose from among a roster of paid VPN connections with even enhanced facilities.

Happy private net surfing with VPN!