Smart VPN l May 25, 2015

Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN + VPN: The Best ALL IN ONE Proxy Server Service

*NOTE: If you currently have a Smart DNS Proxy account, you can access SmartVPN features in your admin area when you login. Look for VPN Configuration Status under the HOME section and visit our Support Page for quick and easy setup instructions.
Smart DNS Proxy Home Page Screen Shot continues to build on excellence and maintain an advantage over all competitors with the introduction of our exclusive ALL IN ONE SmartDNS/SmartVPN Proxy Server Service.
Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN + VPN

With the ability to unblock 200+ regionally blocked websites/channels and a global network of sophisticated proxy servers located in over 30+ countries, Smart DNS Proxy is without a doubt your best option to bypass geo-restrictions and access/stream Geo-blocked content online. Now with the addition of a ‘high-powered’ and totally secure Smart VPN service to our proxy server network, we can also offer our valued community complete online privacy while browsing the net!

SmartVPNs (Smart Virtual Private Networks): Everything You Need To Know

What is SmartVPN?
SmartVPN is your ALL IN ONE solution for secure web browsing and the best method to bypass Geo-blocking/Regional-restrictions. SmartVPN combines super-fast SmartDNS technology with advanced and secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology, to provide users with the perfect ALL IN ONE solution to cater to all proxy server needs.
What is the Difference Between SmartVPN and SmartDNS Proxy?
Both of our SmartVPN and SmartDNS proxy services provide the same ability to unblock and access regionally blocked content. However, a Smart VPN connection will also work with Cellular Data, Satellite Internet, and on most public WiFi connections which are not compatible to use with a Smart DNS service. 
Which Proxy Do I Need To Use: SmartDNS or SmartVPN?
SmartVPN is not here to replace our popular SmartDNS proxy service. SmartVPN is used to compliment Smart DNS Proxy and give you more options. For example, when accessing our proxy service to unblock blocked content on your home network, Smart DNS is what you would use. However, when you are using cellular data (your mobile phone) or you are trying to access Smart DNS Proxy away from your normal home network, such as when you’re on college campus or at a public Wifi Hotspot - then SmartVPN is how you should connect if you want to maintain online security/privacy.
How Secure Is SmartVPN Technology?
There are multiple different VPN protocols available with SmartVPN so you can choose your preferred level of encryption, speed, and protection. Each protocol (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP & OpenVPN) can be used to securely transport data traffic over a public network infrastructure and each protocol varies slightly in the way in which your data will be encrypted. However, you can rest assured SmartVPN offers the best proxy server solutions to suit all of your needs. 
Do I Have To Pay Extra To Use SmartVPN With My SmartDNSProxy Account?
Main Benefits Of SmartVPN 
The ALL IN ONE Smart DNS Proxy VPN provides totally secure & private internet access to all it's users. Our SmartVPN also supports any PC/Mac and Mobile Device operating systems including Android, Windows, iOS, etc. And you can access SmartVPN from any internet connection including DSL, Cable, Satellite, 3G/4G, etc.
Here are a few more key benefits and advantages of using our SmartVPN service:
- All your internet traffic and data gets encrypted through our global network of sophisticated proxy servers.
- Protect your data from malicious hackers, governments, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and other ‘prying eyes’ online.
- Leaves no ‘digital footprints’ of your online activity when browsing the web.
- Has the ability to hide, mask and change your ip address.
- Secures your computer and private data when using public Hotspot Wifi connections (Cafes, College campus, Hotels, Airports, etc.).
- Gain full access to regionally blocked streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO NOW etc. directly from your mobile device and from remote country locations.
- There is NO LOG in the network. SmartDNSProxy does not store or keep logs/records of your online activity.
- All connections are with UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH.
- All connections are with UNLIMITED SPEED.