Smart VPN l December 10, 2015

Is Online Streaming Through VPN, the Future of Entertainment/TV?

Reports say that the viewership for traditional TV watching is constantly degrading with the booming presence of online streaming video. The major reason behind this gradual transition over the years is the ever-increasing importance of entertainment in our lives. Thanks to the advancements in technology, entertainment mongers now prefer to view their favorite shows through online streaming.

This phenomenon is in fact rising, and is rapidly becoming an integral part of every individual’s life across the globe. Owing to the stiff competition in the market among the service providers of online streaming, the customer will always remain at the verge of receiving profound benefits. Here it is worthwhile to mention the major players of this quickly emerging form and perhaps the future of entertainment:

Popular online streaming channels

Some of the all time favorite online streaming service providers across the globe include:

  • Amazon prime
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • BBC Player
  • HBO
  • NBC
  • Pandora 

The traditional TV experience

The traditional experience of watching TV involves the users to sit across the commercials to look out the complete episode of their favorite shows. You might also have to wait for weeks for the next episode to come. Moreover, in order to view your favorite channels, you are often required to upgrade your cable package to an expensive one.

The availability of online video streaming is dramatically altering the kind of entertainment you consume along with its way of consumption.

Apart from all the cons of traditional TV experience, it is still alive in different segments of the world due to the quality of entertainment it offers. It has its own significant importance for every user.

Booming trend of online streaming

The trend of online streaming is gradually gaining prominence over the years as it provides you with complete flexibility of watching content anytime, anywhere and from any device. Specifically, for youngsters, live streaming TV has become a rage. No wonder they comprise the majority of user segment for online streaming channels. This version of entertain is rapidly raising the standards of watching TV. In fact, you can expect a revolutionary trend of superior quality online streaming TV in the near future.

Endless advantages

Some of the major advantages of watching TV online through live online streaming for you may include:

Easy accessibility: One of the major advantages that you experience with online streaming TV is easy accessibility to various national, local as well as international channels. Whether you love watching sports, movies, news or any other entertaining shows; everything is available online for your convenience. You cannot enjoy the benefit of endless accessibility with the traditional cable TV.

Amazing flexibility: You can browse through any channel online from anywhere and anytime. You cannot carry your cable TV everywhere you go, but with an online streaming channel, you can watch all your favorite shows while travelling or just relaxing in your garden.

Affordability: Another major benefit of watching TV online is that it is comparatively affordable in terms of prices as compared to traditional cable TV. Most of the online streaming service providers offer free subscription to the users, while some cost minimal amount of charges for it.

Cord cutting

The widespread popularity of online streaming is gradually giving rise to the trend of cord cutting among most of the users. The major reason behind its emergence may include the pricey cable charges that also offer unnecessary advertisements for you. If you are also on the verge of deciding an ideal option between traditional TV and online streaming TV, you can prefer cutting the cords of your cable and easily adopt online TV through VPN for your entertainment.

Need for VPN

On a global platform, several overseas services of entertainment content like Hulu, Netfix and more are continuously gaining traction by using virtual private network (VPN). It allows you to access those entertainment services from any restricted region apart from the intended regions. The VPN is indeed an amazing way to manage geo-blocking. It has a lot more beneficial things for you to offer such as:

  • It allows the service providers to provide a permanent private access mode to the users for downloading and browsing.
  • You can conveniently keep a log of every big or small thing that you access on internet.
  • It is also the most secure method of entertainment

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