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Champions League Final Watch Online

The great games

The 2017 UEFA Champions League has come to a great final with Juventus and Real Madrid clash which is going to take place on the 3rd of June, 2017 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. The same teams met before during the UEFA Champions League final at the Amsterdam Arena back in 1998 with Real Madrid being in the UCF final for the first time. The beginner’s luck turned out to be true for Real which won 1-0 clinching their first European title in the Champions League era. Currently, the club holds the record for winning the European Cup/UEFA Champions League eleven times and for the most semi-final appearances (27).

Not in the UK? Content unavailable.

There are several ways to watch a live broadcast of the match. If you’re lucky to be based in the UK, the solution is quite easy as BT Sport and YouTube will stream the game live for free. However, if you live in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, or anywhere else outside the UK, you can be sure that those channels will return with a geo-block message. The following concise guide will help you solve the geolocation problem no matter where you are.

How to stream the 2017 UEFA Champions League final?

The channels that are set to stream the 2017 Champions League final are the following:

·      YouTube (UK)

·      BT Sport (UK)

·      Fubo TV (US)

·      Fox Sports (US)

·      BeIN Sport (Middle East)

There are two ways to watch the matches without being locked out of the broadcast with the geo-location restriction message. You can either use a VPN or Smart DNS proxy.

Watching the finals with VPN

If you try to stream geo-blocked content, you will most probably get the “Sorry, this video is not available in your country” message. In order to bypass geo-restrictions, you need to “trick” the streaming channel servers that your IP actually comes from the country of the stream origin. You can do it by using a VPN which will assign a UK IP address.

What to do:

·      First, you need to sign up with us and make sure that you have an active VPN account.

·      Next, you need to set up a VPN connection (you can do it manually with the use of our detailed instructions of how to do it) and/or download a VPN software for your PC, Mac computer, iOS/Android device and also make use of our comprehensive installation guides available here (scroll down to VPN Instructions).

·      Launch the VPN and connect to the server which is located in the location that the streaming channel is from.

·      Launch the app or the website that is streaming the match (it might require registration or starting a free trial) and stream Real Madrid vs Juventus Live online.

Watching the finals with Smart DNS

Alternative option is the use of Smart DNS. It is faster than VPN (VPN involves heavy encryption and sends your traffic via remote servers), it does not require any additional software and it is easier to set up. Smart DNS does not change your IP address (it simply masks it), which means that you can watch your local streaming channels along with the geo-blocked ones.

Here is how to do it:

·      Sign up with us and make sure that you have an active account.

·      As no special software is needed, simply follow our installation guidelines to set up your computer or device with Smart DNS.

·      Once the DNS proxy servers are set up, you can launch the app or the website that is streaming the match (it might require registration or starting a free trial) and enjoy streaming Real Madrid vs Juventus Live online.

There’s much more

Smart DNS and VPN solutions are used to gain access to thousands of websites and services which might, otherwise, be unavailable for your location. Therefore, no matter what makes you tick, whether it is sport, music, movies, or any other kind of entertainment, you will find something for yourself to enjoy.

Which team do you think will come out victorious this time? Will Cristiano Ronaldo lead his team to the UEFA Champions League trophy for the 12th time? Will Gianluigi Buffon stop the “Royals”? Share your predictions with us, watch the match live, and see if you were right!