10 Tips Every Binge Watcher Must Know in 2016

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Bingewatching or marathoning a show has been around for a long time. Ever since it was possible to record a TV show to watch later on but different streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime etc. has added a new dimension to Bingewatching. Sometimes they release the entire season in one go, and us, dedicated viewers have no choice but to binge-watch the entire season staying up the entire night only to get late for work the next day. Okay, okay now... Let’s not get all self-righteous here, we have all done it. We have all spent days curled up on a sofa in our favorite blanket with a bucket of soda and a jumbo pack of snacks to binge-watch an entire season of our new favorite addictive TV show.

Bingewatching however is not just watching something; it is a form of art if you may. How can I say that? Well, not to brag or anything but you can call me somewhat of a professional bingewatcher. I am not making it up, I promise it’s a thing! Okay, you got me I am making it up but I will not deny that I have mastered the art of binge watching by watching 7 seasons of Parks and Recreation in less than 12 days and 10 seasons of Supernatural in less than a month.  That sort of dedication towards a show when you just have to know what will happen next and the only breaks you take are to hydrate, eat and relieve yourself? Now that’s something that you call nothing but passion and ambition. So for all my fellow ambitious bingewatchers out there, I have compiled a few tips to make your binge watching experience better as we all know the many factors that can make the pleasure that we call Bingewatching a searing pain. So here goes:

1 – Switch to LAN (If Possible):

This might make you say “Oh how 1990s” but this does help. I know we are fans of all things wireless but switching your WiFi to wired LAN can greatly improve your internet connection speed and hence the quality of your live streaming. Your computer/laptop/IPad or whatever device you are using to stream videos constantly scans for new WiFi networks even when it is connected to one which can cause dips in the internet speed.

2 – Pixelated Videos:

Nothing is more cringeworthy than watching your favorite shows and characters disfigured and pixelated with lots of green boxes and artifacts. This one is easy to resolve actually, all you have to do is to right click on the stream window, click on settings and uncheck “Enable Hardware Acceleration”.

3 – Add Extensions:

In case you use Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and other famous browsers, you can easily find and install extensions that can make your Bingewatching experience more fun and convenient. It’s always nice to check the online ratings of a movie or a show before you actually decide to watch one. With IMDB and rotten tomatoes extension, you can see the ratings and trailer right In the Info Panel.

4 - Set up a few different profiles:

You can easily set up different profiles on Netflix. Every profile of yours has a different taste profile and you can personalize it to enhance your Bingewatching experience. You can set up a profile for when you are alone that is filled with chick flicks and sappy shows and you can have the second profile for when we are with bae filled with love stories and shows you two marathon together. You can even setup profiles for a sober you and a drunk you.

5 – Multiple People Using Your Account:

You can also experience a lag in your streaming experience if many people are logged onto your account at one time. If your mother, you, your ex (that you broke up with 2 years ago but he still has your password) are all logged in at one time, it might compromise your streaming speed. Do yourself a favor, reset your password and boot all those freeloaders off your account for good. By all means share the password with your mother once you have changed it... ?

6 – Faulty Streaming Resolution:

If you are experiencing a whole lot of stammering while streaming your content, it is most likely that you are not streaming the content with a correct resolution.  To fix this, try streaming your video with a different resolution. It will definitely work better than earlier.

7 – Use Your Smartphone as a Remote Control:

Isn’t losing your remote the most annoying thing ever? It most definitely is. But one thing that I don’t lose ever, one thing that travels with me even to the bathroom is my smartphone. What if I told you your smartphone can be your remote control? Amazing right! Unfortunately it works only with certain devices but it still is a wonder worth mentioning.

8 – Daytime is the Best:

If you are watching the most popular services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go etc. in the evening during the peak hours when everyone is back from work and at home ready to watch TV, you are most likely to receive poorer streaming speed. The reason is increased traffic on these services. For better streaming quality, binge watch during daytime if possible.

9 – Personalize your Subtitles:

Subtitles are very important but they are very rarely readable. That annoying yellow, hardly legible font on Netflix annoys me to my very core. What many don’t know is that every streaming service comes with an option to personalize those subtitles. You can change text color, font and size as per your liking.

10 – Use a VPN to stream all Content:

Not all content is available from all regions and no not even Americans are safe from this discrimination. The Godfather movie series is not available on Netflix US for Christ’s Sake but there is nothing you cannot do with a little something called VPN. So install a VPN and climb all geographical fences in a minute to stream the content you want.

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Now that you have all the tips and tricks to make your Bingewatching experience a breeze, Go right ahead; snuggle under the covers and binge watch. May the force be with you! ?

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