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Denied the Right to Watch USA Network Online? Now You Can!

"[Watching TV shows at any time] is not really a future trend anymore; it’s a reality today"!

The way we watch television has changed dramatically in just the past decade or so. The days of sitting through commercials, waiting a week or two between episodes of your favorite shows and upgrading to a more expensive cable package just because it has one channel you like in it are mostly behind us.

Online video streaming is here now, and it has artistically altered both the entertainment we consume and the ways we consume it. Researches suggest that streaming-only households in the United States are expected to climb from 8 million in 2014 to 14 million by 2020. Online streaming has now been taken up enthusiastically by technological and media companies alike because it offers the flexibility to watch content anywhere, anytime and on a number of different devices.

Since the technology has evolved so quickly, a number of great online streaming channels have taken large market share. Among the list, USA Network holds the top position. Here we share some fascinating news related to USA Network and its coverage worldwide.


About USA Network

USA Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the NBCUniversal. In today’s battle for viewers, original content is one of the strongest contenders in the ring. The channel has steadily gained popularity for showing a variety of original and second-run programming, from syndicated TV series to edited movies, particularly WWE Raw, Psych, Monk, In Plain Sight, The 4400, Burn Notice as well as limited sports programming. USA Network has over 90 million subscribers worldwide.

Is USA Network Available Worldwide?

Even the US Network is hugely well liked by masses; almost all of its programs and videos are certainly not available outside the US. The USA Network has a lot of content available for streaming online. If you try to look at a show from a worldwide location, you’ll get a message that reads:

“Sorry, this video is unavailable from the location”. 

This means you don’t have the access to USA Network from your current location. This is because of the fact that USA Network contains licensing rights to broadcast its contents only within the United States, which blocks access to the foreigners. These restrictions prove incredibly frustrating for US expats, tourists and people from other countries for their entertainment needs.

Everything looks fine in the beginning if you access the USA network from outside the US until you try to start a video. Then the player will simply not start the video no matter how many times you try. The problem is that the USA Network website has detected your location via your computers IP address. This is a number you inherit from Internet provider and it will reveal your location to any website you visit (city and country only) and thus make it very easy to block access to your desired videos.

How To By-Pass Geo Restrictions To Access USA Network From Anywhere?

Geo Restrictions imposed? Not a problem! The website basically uses a method called IP blocking. According to it, when you try to watch outside the US, the website will first inspect your IP address to see if it is from the US. Once it determines that yours is a foreign IP address, it automatically blocks your access to its contents.

Therefore, in order for you to access the contents of the channel online, you should change your original IP address to a one from the US. And this can be made possible with the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and then you should be in a position to unlock USA Network Online Streaming Service from anywhere.

Recommended VPN or Smart DNS To Observe USA Network Outside the US

The quickest and easiest approach to access region-restricted videos is to use SmartVPN or SmartDNS and makes USA Network available to any viewer around the world. It’s a pretty handy service and it does not cost that much either. So, with the help of SmartVPN or DNS service you can easily watch all your favorite TV shows from USA channel right on your computer.

Last but not the least, in addition to bypassing geographical restrictions, SmartVPN & DNS will also help in saving your identity over the Internet and it is also capable of keeping all your Internet activity secured from the outsiders.

So if you're looking for a reliabe service that can give all the fun without any restrictions, then get right away.

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