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How to unblock AMC TV outside US

AMC Tv is one of the most popular cable television specialty channels which primarily broadcast movies along with a few original shows. AMC is the acronym of American Movie Classics but due to a shifting programming it is now known as AMC. AMC is owned by AMC Networks and its most successful original series are Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking dead.
Just like many other cable TV channels AMC has also moved its services online. is the primary source of their shows online and viewers can watch re-runs or exclusive interviews of their favorite actors.
The website further offers streaming video and program notes and in 2011 it launched its first original web series call the The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks. AMC also launched an exclusive web-series of The Walking Dead called The Walking Dead: Torn Apart.
AMC offers exclusive original programming to their users called The Pitch, Comic Book Men, The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. All of these shows have a lot of viewership and because of their rich storylines they have gained a huge fan base.
Unfortunately, just like Netflix or Hulu, is only available to users living in the US and Canada. If you want to avail the services of the and its exclusive shows then you will have to subscribe to Smart DNS Proxy.
Smart DNS Proxy will give you complete access to all of the’s content. You will be able to view shows like the Breaking Bad, Mad Men and the currently airing The Walking Dead. All you have to do is sign up to get a free trial and see for yourself that our service works like a charm.
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You might be wondering why you need to get’s subscription. We have one reason for you and it’s called The Walking Dead. But that’s not all, AMC offers much more and some of its other hit shows include Mad Men and Breaking Bad. We are going to give a brief review about the shows which are on
Mad Men
Mad Man Image
The show is set in the 1960’s and it’s a drama about New York’s most prestigious ad agencies. The story revolves around one of the firm’s mysterious yet extremely talented ad executive Donald Draper (Jon Hamm). If you are the type of person who loves character development and subtlety in your shows then log in to and get started on the first season. You won’t regret it.
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad Image
Breaking Bad is regarded as one of the most popular show ever produced for TV because of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), he is one of the most enigmatic and morally questioned protagonist presented on Television. Walter is a mild-mannered chemistry teacher but due to his low salary he can barely make ends meet. He has to look after his pregnant wife and his son who is battling cerebral palsy. He thought his life couldn’t get any worse but that was before he found out he has terminal cancer. He then turns his RV and turns it in to a meth lab. If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on this show then now is your chance. Subscribe to and get started on the first season.
The Walking Dead
Walking Dead Image
Everyone loves a good zombie flick and walking dead delivers more than what any zombie fan could ask for. The story follows the protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of followers who do what they can to survive in the post Apocalyptic Zombies infested world. This show isn’t just about zombies running after the survivors for their brains. This show tells us about just how dangerous people can be when the society they know has crumbled. In fact this show teaches us that people can be more dangerous than any monster known to man. This is by far AMC’s highly rated and most watched television show. It has a mix of action and drama but the producers know how to keep the balance between the two. If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on the show yet then we suggest that you get right on it.
There you have it, we have listed some of the most popular shows currently available on the AMC TV. You can unblock it using Smart DNS Proxy and enjoy all your favorite shows.