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How to Unblock Facebook, YouTube and Twitter during Social Media Restrictions

Access DeniedPopular and well-known social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can be temporarily blocked in certain countries – particularly during times of political unrest. Social media sites have proven to be a very important tool for the common people to communicate, protest and also to help citizens of a country release the real truth about any given situation - when a government has imposed censorship on all news being released via TV and print media.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have all been used in the past to spread the message of a particular group seeking to be heard and they have also been the targets of government censorship by being blocked for certain periods at a time. This is because Social media sites are utilized to inspire and motivate individuals to join in on a protest and face off against their own government. 

Why Your Government Wants to Temporarily Block Social Media Sites during Political Unrest

International governments are now resulting to immediately banning or restricting the use of social media websites whenever there is political unrest in their country. Mainly because governments now realize the immense power and influence social media sites can have amongst the people of their nation. 
For example, the Egyptian revolution to overthrow the government began on 25 January 2011 and consisted of numerous demonstrations, protest marches, random acts of civil disobedience and labor strikes. And with the Egyptian government putting heavy restrictions and censorship on traditional national news broadcasting outlets, the citizens of Egypt successfully utilized social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to organize, arrange and execute their plans to overthrow and unjust government. 

Countries/Governments That Have Recently Blocked or Tried to Block Social Media Websites

Don't Touch My Internet

The banning of popular social media sites during political unrest is now seen as a necessary step in strategic planning by all governments, and it something that is starting to happen more frequently all over the world. 
Below is a list of countries that have tried to enforce Internet censorship by temporarily disabling access to social media websites. Also listed are countries which have been known to place heavy restrictions and monitoring on their citizens during times of uncertainty within the country:
[Source: Wikipedia]
Enemies of the Internet:
Australia Australia Bahrain Bahrain
Belarus Belarus Burma Burma
China China Cuba Cuba
Egypt Egypt Eritrea Eritrea
Ethiopia Ethiopia France France
India India Iran Iran
Jordan Jordan Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Libya Libya Malaysia Malaysia
North Korea North Korea Pakistan Pakistan
Russia Russia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
South Korea South Korea Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Sudan Sudan Syria Syria
Tajikistan Tajikistan Thailand Thailand
Tunisia Tunisia Turkey Turkey
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United Kingdom United States United States
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Venezuela Venezuela
Vietnam Vietnam Yemen Yemen

How to Unblock Facebook, Twitter and YouTube When Your Government Has Blocked Access

Website Blocked

This trend of governments blocking social media websites will only become more common in the future - especially with certain governments of International power like the UK’s now pushing every ISP to start filtering all of the Internet connections they provide to their subscribers as a mandatory duty. Also, the harsh SOPA Act (Stop Online Piracy Act) which has been propositioned numerous times in the US further demonstrates the kind of blocking and censorship certain governments would like to put into place.

However, assuming that your government is only filtering websites and content at the DNS level, and all other requests to DNS servers are not being blocked, you can easily bypass your Governments Internet filtering by setting up a custom Smart DNS server on your Internet capable device. A Smart DNS Proxy Server overrides and bypasses the normal default DNS server being controlled by your Internet service provider. So any requests you make from your device to access a temporarily blocked website will be re-directed and funneled through one of multiple different DNS servers positioned strategically around the world in countries where these particular social media websites are currently not blocked or monitored extensively by the government of that country.

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