How to Unblock History Channel TV Shows & Documentaries Outside the US

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How to Unblock History Channel TV Shows & Documentaries Outside the US: Smart DNS Proxy

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History Channel has an abundance of knowledge for everybody of all ages to learn. You can find all of their awesome and award-winning documentaries in HD over on the official website You will also find all of the latest full-length episodes from popular US TV shows such as:

Ice Road Truckers

American Pickers

Top Gear

Paen Stars


However, all of these entertaining shows and documentaries found on the History Channel is Geo-blocked (or regional-blocked) content which is not easily available for viewing outside the US... UNLESS you use a Proxy Server Service which will allow you to bypass IP Geo-blocking which prevents users outside the US from streaming content from

How to Stream History Channel TV Shows and Documentaries Online Outside The US: 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1Click the following link and sign up for your FREE trial to use our premium Smart DNS Proxy server service. Click here to Sign up now. It only takes a second and when you get your FREE account, you will also be able to unblock other regional-restricted websites such as Netflix, ESPNGO, Hulu, Pandora, WWE Network, plus many more geo-blocked websites. once

Step 2Setup Smart DNS Proxy on your internet capable device. Once you have received your Smart DNS Proxy account details, you will be shown how to easily install Smart DNS Proxy on any of your internet capable streaming devices including your Apple TV, Roku Streaming Device, Google Chromecast, Gaming console, Mobile Smartphone, iPad, Laptop, PC, etc.

Step 3Visit and select your favorite TV show or documentary to stream in HD quality! Once you have successfully installed Smart DNS Proxy on your favorite device, you will then be able to gain full access to all of the great content found on the official History Channel website. ENJOY!!!

Wait... Is it Safe to Use a Proxy Server to Unblock Geo-Blocked Websites?

Stop Sign

TickUsing a reputable proxy server service such as Smart DNS Proxy to Unblock regional-restricted/geo-restricted websites is VERY SAFE. (Read more about How a Smart DNS Proxy Works)


Sign AlertUsing one of the many ‘FREE’ proxy server websites you find online is VERY RISKY so be careful! These so-called ‘FREE’ proxy server services are typically very easy for hackers/spyware to access and monitor your movements online. In severe cases, your own personal device may be compromised leaving your details exposed to people you definitely don’t want seeing it!


Smart DNS Proxy: The Fastest, Safest and BEST Method to Stream Geo-Blocked Content Online

Smart DNS Proxy Logo (a brand of Global Stealth Inc.) are technological pioneers when it comes to developing and providing secure global internet security, data encryption and anonymity services online.

We have been creating innovative technology solutions since 1995 and our services have been used by important employees of many fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, BP, Shell to keep their sensitive data/information secure and encrypted while on the net.

No More Restrictions! Unblock Over 200+ Channels in over 29 Different Countries!

Smart DNS Proxy Supported

Smart DNS Proxy have sophisticated DNS Proxy servers strategically located all around the world. That means we are able to offer users of our proxy service the ultimate viewing experience when streaming or unblocking any type of digital content online. is quite simply the best possible way for you to access blocked or restricted content from websites such as YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, Spotify (+ many more blocked sites).

Smart DNS Proxy Supported Devices

Our Easy-to-Use system is also compatible with all of your internet capable devices such as your Laptop, PC, Mobile Device, Kindle Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. 

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AND we offer 24/7 technical support which guarantees unlimited speed/bandwidth and SUPER-FAST STREAMING CAPABILITIES. No more buffering or bad connections!

Need more convincing? Read Our Smart DNS Proxy Reviews & Testimonials from 1000’s of satisfied customers. 

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