Unblock Websites l November 26, 2014

Unblock Hulu in UK - because it’s worth it

Hulu is one of the most popular online streaming channels; the service has gained a lot of popularity because of its rich content. Their content is categorized in to five channels; Tv, movies, kids, latino and more; these channels cater to the mass audiences which has brought in a lot of fan base from different demographic sections.
There is a downside to Hulu, you cannot watch it outside US. Hulu is currently catering to the US audience and if you are living in the UK or any other region you won’t be able to access it. This can be very disappointing for the people living in the UK region. Hulu airs a lot of its original content online and people (living in the UK) who get themselves hooked on these shows will have to wait for the DVD to be released to watch it.
Fortunately there are a lot of ways through which you can unblock Hulu outside UK. The most convenient way of bypassing these geo-restrictions is to get a Smart DNS Proxy account. That’s us!
How does Smart DNS Proxy help in unblocking hulu?
The Smart DNS Proxy helps you get a new DNS Server address which you have to enter in to your LAN settings. It basically helps by changing your virtual location to where ever you want and in this case you want it to be in the US.  Once you have used these settings and access Hulu, you won’t have any trouble whatsoever as Hulu would be getting request from a US IP address. With Smart DNS Proxy you won’t have to worry about slow speeds and we know how much annoying it can be when your video stops half way through the show. Smart DNS Proxy also lets you access your show through different devices such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & 4, android phones, Apple TV and Chromecast etc. Installation on these devices is also easy, just check out our guides and you will get through it with ease
Why is Hulu blocked in UK?
Hulu isn’t just blocked in the UK, its blocked everywhere outside US. And since we have already discussed the ways to unblock it, you don’t have reason to let yourself down. As for the question, “why do we need to go through all this hassle?” we have already mentioned that Hulu is blocked outside US. The reason behind this is that Hulu only airs licensed content which means there is no violation of the contract as long as the keep addressing the US audience. However, if they start catering the audience outside US they will be charged with copyright infringements. This may lead them to pay up millions of dollars. In order for Hulu to start airing this content outside US they need to first get a cross-continental content license. There is no official word from Hulu about when they will start airing outside US till then you can use our Smart DNS Proxy and enjoy your favorite shows.
What makes Hulu better than the rest of the Streaming Services?
Hulu gives you access to movies, TV shows, trailers and much more. All of this is delivered to you in high quality and since they aren’t catering to the whole world they focus their attention on giving the optimum service to their existing clients. They follow the Jerry Macguire principle of: Fewer clients, happy clients. And that’s not all; Hulu airs some of its original content like Battlegrounds, The Awesomeness, A day in the life, behind the mask, the hot wives of Orlando, Spoilers with Kevin Smith and many more. You cannot view these shows anywhere else, not even on Netflix as Hulu owns the rights to these shows.
Hulu Plus
Hulu Plus is the extended version of the Hulu, for e.g. Hulu is offering 6 episodes of your favorite show but if you get Hulu Plus you will get the episodes of the full season. No breaks, no cliffhangers just instant access. But just like Hulu, Hulu plus is also blocked in UK but if you want access to it you just need a Smart DNS Proxy and Voila! Instant Access!
Smart Dns Proxy also helps you if you are traveling and keep up with your shows because of the annoying geo-restrictions. Traveling should have nothing to do with not being able to watch your show.
All in all Hulu is one heck of a streaming service which is worth your time, attention and money. It may be blocked outside the US but the silver lining is that because of their limited clientele they provide the best services. So, even if you are living outside the US you can still access it with blazing speeds of our Smart Dns Proxy.
We wish you an awesome Happy Hulu Holiday season.