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It’s time now! The preparation for the 2014-2015 UEFA Champions league final is underway. It’s the 60th season of European football tournament organized by UEFA. This time the four-time UEFA champions FC Barcelona will go ball-to-ball with Juventus (the two-time league champions) at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany on the 06th of June next Saturday.
Barcelona vs Juventus
The Italian side, Juventus ousted the season’s favorite Real Madrid to book their spot in the UEFA finals, while FC Barcelona dismantled FC Bayern (German champions) to seek for a 5th title win.
UEFA Champions League Final: Takeaways for Both the Teams
Although Juventus & Barcelona have played exceptionally well throughout the league, but the final is preeminent for both the teams. The winner of the UEFA final will earn the right to play against Sevilla (UEFA Europa League Champ) in the 2015 UEFA Super Cup. Not only this, but the UEFA league winner will also qualify to enter the semifinals of the FIFA Club World Cup.
The Wait, the Love and the Limitations
We all know that Football is the game of modern era, and it is widely loved by hundreds, but millions. It is expected that Olympiastadion stadium will accompany more than 75,000 spectators, Wow! But the million other fans will tune their TV’s and devices to watch the action live. It’s what we called the love for football!
While we prefer to watch everything online these days – football fans do have the same will. But unfortunately, broadcasting rights of UEFA league finals have been distributed to some limited regions only. And if you reside outside of those regions, it won’t be possible for you to access the Juventus vs FC Barcelona live action from the UEFA Champions league final.
UEFA Live Streaming Channel List
Below are the channels that can broadcast the UEFA final match online. But these channels might be restricted in some regions. So if you encounter the geo-restriction, then you may start with Smart DNS Proxy’s 14-day free trial. This way, you can enjoy UEFA Champions league final from any location across the globe.


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United States

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Fox Sports

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Ten Sports

India & Pakistan

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Free to stream



Free to stream


United Kingdom

Free to stream



Free to stream



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Free to stream

These are some channels list that we compiled for our readers/users. There are many other streaming channels that can easily let you stream Juventus and FC Barcelona’s UEFA Champions League final match online. The only problem comes with geo-restriction – and we fortunately, have the solution of it. They way you want!
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