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A Smart Way to Watch ITV outside UK: Smart DNS Proxy

The censorship blues have played a major role in keeping people bereft of their usual browsing activities. Imagine you are not able to browse a website, watch favorite TV programs or know the latest happenings in your location. All this because you’re outside your country, or want to enjoy a TV program which is geo-restricted. It is indeed disheartening to experience any such moment. Unfortunately, you will come across the same situation while trying to watch ITV as weak. Thankfully, Smart DNS Proxy is there to help you.

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ITV- A Brief Intro

Launched in 1955 as Independent Television, the popular commercial TV network holds the distinction of being the oldest in the United Kingdom. Currently known as ITV, it is host to a wide variety of engaging TV programs of the likes of Coronation Street, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Downtown Abbey, Emmerdale, Two and a Half Men, Storage Wars, and many more.

You can enjoy all these shows online through live streaming, without any interruption, provided that you are in Britain. It is also available in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, etc, through cable, MMDS, etc. However, if you wish to watch ITV beyond these locations, or want to watch any of these engaging dramas, from a foreign country, you can’t!

The reason is geo-restriction, which means that the ITV live streaming service won’t run outside the UK, no matter if you are a registered user of ITV. For example, as you try to watch ‘Royal Pains’ while being somewhere in Asia, you will get a message citing that the video is only available to be viewed within the United Kingdom. This is obviously an annoying message as it bars you from getting connected to your favorite shows. However, there is no need to fret anymore for Smart DNS Proxy is here to guide you on how to watch ITV outside the UK.

What is Smart DNS Proxy?

It is a fresh method to help you bypass online censorship and watch ITV outside UK. While you opt for a vendor providing the services of Smart DNS Proxy, you hold the best chances of being entertained by ITV live programs unperturbed. It lets you enjoy all the online streaming programs at a blazing speed on your TV, desktop, laptop, Android smartphone, iPhone, Xbox, and almost any other device.

As compared to other methods to avoid georestriction, like VPN and Proxy servers, Smart DNS scores way better. Notably, the Virtual Private Network has been helping interested online users in thwarting online censorship for a long time. However, it accompanies certain drawbacks such as sluggish speed, obligation to install the software (as in Windows) or configure the IP address (as in Linux), poor video quality, and more.

Proxy servers, the other alternatives are also far behind in offering up-the-mark facilities to bypass filtering. The practice of multiple users trying to use the same geo-specific proxy locations is likely to create a ruckus.

With Smart DNS Proxy, you don’t need to face any of the aforementioned problems. There is no compulsion to install any software, and you need not to worry about the speed either. The DNS server you get from the vendor redirects only a portion of your traffic and does not re-route it completely. Hence, you can stream, download, and enjoy the ITV live programs without hassles. The technology hence offers you the smartest and cheapest method to watch ITV online outside the UK.

Where to purchase from?

Smart DNS Proxy, the company that shares its name with this very technology is a suitable choice in this regard. You can browse through the website, get yourself registered, and select a befitting package.

Once done, you get uninterrupted access to any of your happening shows at ITV, immaterial of your current location. This is in fact the beauty of Smart DNS proxy that you can watch ITV outside comfortably, without worrying about geo-restriction. If by now, you have already made your mind to avail the services of this company, checking out its packages would be worthwhile, right at However, if you want to know more about the quality of services, you can also try its free trial package available for 14 days. Interesting, isn’t it?