VPN l November 20, 2020

How to Access All shows on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the best anime-streaming services around that gives you access to the latest Anime and Manga novels, all in one place. The best thing about Crunchyroll, though, is that not only is the streaming service free but it requires no signup, unless of course you want to pay for ad-free experience.

But, there is one big problem with Crunchyroll – it’s geo-restricted. For example, I was looking for Death Note, and I get this error: “Sorry, this video is not available in your region due to licensing restrictions”. The same is the case with all popular anime like Hunter X Hunter, Erased, Full Metal Alchemist and much more. 

Now, there is no website that tells Crunchyroll catalog per country. So, I tried to do it manually, and boy, you wouldn’t believe it. So, this page revels all the anime available on Crunchyroll and in my country the shows are embarrassing: 142. Now, let’s switch to US server using Smart DNS Proxy VPN and open Crunchyroll in a private browser. As you can see, the list is pretty much exhaustive and if we count the number - damn, it’s more than 1000.

Thankfully, you can bypass this geo-restriction by changing your IP address using a VPN and then going to Crunchyroll website and searching for the show that you want to watch. Let me show you how you can actually do it on Android and computer.

Steps and guide for Computer

On your Windows or Mac computer, open Crunchyroll website and search for the show you want to watch, for example, search the show Death Note you will notice this show is not available in my country. Now, close the browser and open Smart DNS Proxy VPN to set a Combination of United States (prefer a smart VPN server, as they worked well), now come into the browser and open the Crunchyroll website. It’s important that you try incognito browser or clear the cache from your previous browsing. Now, again search for Death Note. Now, you will see all the episodes of Death Note are there. Also, a quick tip - if you want to see the English dub of the show, scroll all the way down to the bottom for that. Once you start the English dub on PC, you will be able to see it on TV as well, where searching for dub is not an option. 

In case Crunchyroll detects the VPN, switch to a different US server, or contact Smart DNS Proxy support team.

Steps and guide for Android

To get started, take out your Android first. If you don't have an Android smartphone, you can use iPhone, the steps are pretty much the same with obvious differences.

Moving on, first, download the Crunchy roll app from the Playstore, after downloading open it you will see everything is working fine but the shows that are actually showing are very limited. For example, search for Hunter X Hunter, it is not available in your country so let’s try with the VPN.

For that, go to smart DNS Proxy VPN app and select United States combination and turn it on.

After this, reopen the Crunchyroll app, now search again for Hunter X Hunter. You will notice this time the search list is totally different compared to the last search. Now you can open the show and play it without any hiccups.

So, that’s how you gain access to the full Crunchyroll catalog no matter where you are. In the free version, you only get HD and there is an ad break every 20 mins, which is fair in my opinion. You can always get the ad-free paid subscription that start at about $8 and you get 14-day free trial.

Speaking of free trial, check out Smart DNS Proxy, which also offer 14-day free trial and lets you remove geo-restrictions on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and much more.

Thanks for watching and reading. Until the next one.