VPN l December 2, 2019

How to Watch IMDb TV Outside of the US?

We did a video on free streaming services like Crackle, Tubi TV, Pluto TV etc., and while they offer decent content for what it’s worth, most of the TV shows and movies are quite old and we’ve probably seen them. What if there was a way to watch new TV shows and movies legally for free? Guess what, you can with IMDb TV.

IMDb TV is an entirely free add-supported streaming service for watching TV shows and movies. As of making this video, the catalog contains popular movies like the Social Network, Gravity, Megamind, Hacksaw Ridge, heck, it even has La La Land. Some of the popular TV series include Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, The A-Team, Dallas, etc. All these movies and TV shows are completely free; works with ads, obviously, and works on mobile as well.

But, the only caveat is, as of now, IMDb TV is available only in United States. But, you can still bypass the geo-restriction, get it outside US and watch it in your country, here’s how.

Step 1

Head over to though any browser. You will see this error message, saying IMDb TV is not available in your country

Step 2

Turn on SDP VPN and switch to US server. We recommend using New York Smart VPN, but you can experiment with a few to see which one works best for you.

Step 3

Now go back to IMDb page and refresh it. 

Step 4

Create a new IMDb account - remember old IMDb account won’t work as it already has your original country location store in it.

Step 5

Once you log in, you might have to verify your email and you’re good to go, now you can watch IMDb TV for free. Let’s try to play Gravity and see if it works.

The content is ad-supported, and there is no way to pay to remove the ads, and the ads are unskippable. I guess that’s fair. 

What I like about the interface is that you can see IMDb ratings right on the thumbnail and also add it to your watch list. However, there is no good enough search option and since it’s running on a web browser, there is no parental control or offline download as well. Let’s see how you can watch it on mobile. 

While there is no dedicated IMDb TV app for Android and iOS like Apple TV+ or Disney+, you can still watch IMDb TV using the standard IMDb app or a browser. It’s a bit tricky so let me show you how to set it up on Android, and the steps should be same for iOS as well. 

Step 1

Start by installing the IMDb app from the play store. Don’t open it yet, because even if you open it, there is no option to play IMDb TV. We’ll need a web browser for that. 

Step 2

Now head over to Smart DNS Proxy or any VPN app and log into the US server and keep it running. 

Step 3

Next, open your web browser and login to signing in with the same account that you created previously, or create a new IMDb account.

Step 4

Once you log in, tap on video you want to play, and it’ll redirect you to watch it on your IMDb app. That’s exactly what we need. So, tap on the IMDb app and there you go, after a while the video should start loading and you’re good to go.

The user interface is rather similar to Amazon Prime Video so it should make it easier for you to navigate

Overall, for a free streaming service it offers good catalog of movies and TV shows. Sure, there are unskipable ads, you can’t download TV shows or movies for offline use and the interface isn’t as good as Netflix. But for free, it’s pretty good.

While you’re at it, check out Smart DNS Proxy to unblock geo-restricted content on such services as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and many more.

Thank you for reading and watching and see you in the next one.