Smart VPN l December 15, 2015

How Smart DNS Proxy VPN Can Ensure Secure Browsing on Your iPhone?

The number of iPhone users is rapidly growing due to the exciting features that it offers. It provides a distinctive class and approach of computing for the users. One of the most exciting features of iPhone is its iCloud computing that makes its browsing experience more functional and effective for the users. You might wonder whether this exciting feature is safe and reliable, as security always remains the priority concern for every individual. Thankfully, its acts as a plus point for iPhone, tempting even bigger section to buy it. 

An iPhone acts as a complete computer system that stores all types of information including personal correspondence, images, financial credentials and more. The major security threats for your phone may include the unauthorized access of hackers, malware attack, unwanted data extraction and more. All these threats are possible outcomes of continuously using the browser for different purposes.

Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind while browsing on your iPhone to ensure secure and safe usage of data. These tips are indeed worth considering for better and enhanced performance of your iPhone.

1. Turn-on verification process

Your Apple iPhone facilitates an exclusive provision of two-step verification process to prevent your Apple ID as well as iCloud. Once you install this amazing setup in your phone, you can increase the security of your data by simply registering one or two devices that you control. This can prevent your apple account from any unauthorized access. You can adopt following steps to turn on this verification process –

  • Visit
  • Click on “Manage Apple ID”
  • Password & security
  • Turn on “Two-step verification”.

2. Turn-off automated iCloud sync

Storing your important information on iCloud can become threatening if automatic sync towards cloud is switched “ON”. Several registered cases of photo leak are due to their storage on the cloud. However, you can easily protect your iCloud server by simply turning off the automatic sync option. You can reduce the excessive risk on your cloud server conveniently without compromising the data available on it. The following steps can help you efficiently –

  • Go to the settings option of your phone
  • Select the iCloud option
  • Turn off the automatic sync option.

3. Discard automated connections of Wi-Fi

The unique feature of automatically connecting with the familiar Wi-Fi networks may sometimes become suspicious for your phone’s security. There are chances that a cyber criminal may establish another fake network (wireless) of his own with the similar name. Under such situations, the network may act as a malicious scanner for you phone. The following steps can help you reduce its risk –

  • Visit the Wi-Fi settings of your phone
  • Turn on the icon of ask while joining networks.

Is it enough?

There was a time when people used to think that doing the above would secure their iPhone activity completely. FALSE! With the emergence of technology, we are far more connected to the Internet, and our identity is open to all. This is good, but not when hackers are around us. The above tips are indeed crucial to secure your iPhone, but the real tip comes below:

VPN – an ideal security solution

VPN for iPhone is a unique virtual private network that provides additional security to your devices from all types of malicious attacks in the process of browsing. This tool alone is capable of providing ultimate level of security at every level.

With iPhone VPN at your disposal, you can easily go out, browse, shop and do fun online without being in danger from the data snoopers. 

The Smart DNS Proxy advantage

At Smart DNS Proxy, we offer reliable VPN services to provide overall protection for your iPhone related to browsing. Some of the major benefits of using iPhone VPN services may include:

  • Anonymous surfing: With free VPN service, you can enjoy anonymous surfing experience without any spying or tracking risk. You can continue all types of browsing activities like visiting different websites, downloading files, making online transactions and more.

  • Hides IP address: By installing Smart DNS proxy VPN service, you can hide your iPhone’s original IP address by masking it with the newly created id.

  • Secure and private browsing: You can expect an enhanced level of security and privacy in your phone with the usage of VPN. Connecting to the internet through Smart DNS proxy ensures effective encryption and security of all your crucial information.

  • Protect your surfing sessions: It also protects your session of web browsing by providing secure WI-Fi security on different networks.

If you wish to enjoy hassle free web browsing experience on your iPhone, installing the Smart DNS Proxy VPN would always be a smart move. You can always contact us to acquire a free session for your phone.