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Wish to Watch 4oD Outside UK? Try Smart DNS Proxy Today!

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The much craved video on demand service, 4oD, has been entertaining the enthusiastic entertainment mongers in the UK since 2006. It is home to a host of engaging programs that are recently shown on More4, E4, and Channel4, all of which form the expansive network of Channel Four Television Corporation.

The popularity of this UK based streaming service can be ascertained by the fact that it received 215 million views in the first half of 2011, on all the platforms combined together. This made Channel 4 to be the foremost service provider in the video-on-demand market during that time.

The streaming channel is still a rage among a thick of audiences all over the United Kingdom, as well as abroad. It broadcasts a range of engaging programs from varied categories like comedy, documentaries, drama, entertainment, food, and history.

You can rejoice these all time favorite 4oD programs in the UK, through your set top boxes on IPTV and Cable TV, or through any of the iOS, Android, or Windows Phone platforms. The on demand video service is also available on devices like Playstation3, Xbox360 hence making it a versatile entertainment facility.

However, it is unfortunate that the programs at 4oD have limited or no viewing permission at all outside UK. Certain TV shows, movies, etc., undergo restrictions in UK itself due to right issues. Hence, you may face tough luck watching any of those stimulating shows if you are an expat, or on a vacation to some place locate elsewhere in the world, and at times, even in your own country.

How to watch 4oD outside UK

To overcome this problem, there could be few possible alternatives:

  • Be complacent enough to wait for your return to your own country
  • Avoid attempts to view restricted programs due to licensing issues in the UK itself, OR
  • Dare trying some suitable alternative to help you watch 4oD outside UK and at times the blocked series within UK

For almost any entertainment lover, it is easier to have faith in the last option. However, despite wishing to unblock the restricted shows, few people are aware on how to bypass the georestriction actually. To assist all those enthusiasts, Smart DNS Proxy is a suitable remedy.

The much talked about DNS proxy is nothing but a DNS server address that the service provider gives at the time of registering with its service. As you enter this address in your network settings, you create a separate tunnel between your device and the internet. This reroutes or redirects only a part of your internet traffic, hence ensuring high quality streaming at faster speed.

What about other unblocking facilities?

You may try other available options as well in the wake of unblocking 4oD outside UK, such as VPN and several other proxy services. However, they are less successful as compared to Smart DNS Proxy.  

Various lesser known proxy facilities could take an entire day in streaming a half hour video and the quality would be much lower than your expectations. Similarly, with a VPN, you may get better results, but it is still far behind this advanced version of proxy services. Moreover, it may cease to work on several devices unlike Smart DNS Proxy, which can work perfectly on almost any device without requiring installing software. As simple as that!

Which service provider is better?

The decision to choose any service depends largely on your individual preferences, research criterion and mouth publicity, and the same holds in this case as well. Still, if it is to select one befitting vendor that extends capable help in your efforts to watch 4oD outside UK, is worth trying.

The celebrated proxy service is a cool customer in the unblocking business. It offers unlimited speed and bandwidth to unblock and access more than 200 channels in 29 countries; 4oD is one of them. Among the other streaming facilities that you can unleash with the magical wand of this proxy service include BBC iPlayer, Fox Sports, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Zattoo, ESPN and many more.

Subscribe a befitting package today!

If you still feel jittery about its performance, you may try its 14-day trial package to start with. If you find it great, (Which is quite a possibility), then you can try its paid subscription packages as well to watch 4oD UK , which are as follows:

  • Monthly - $4.90 (0% discount)
  • 3 Months - $12.90 (12% discount)
  • 12 Months - $34.90 (40% discount)
  • 24 Months - $49.90 (57% discount