Unblock Websites l October 25, 2014

How Smart DNS Proxy Helps you Remain Glued to CWTV outside US?

Smart DNS Proxy keeps appearing on the horizon due to some or the other reason. The fact that it scores better than virtual private networks and certain proxy servers further adds to its popularity.

Whether you wish to watch Fox sports outside US or BBC iPlayer outside UK, iTV in the United States, or 4OD somewhere in Asia, this valuable proxy facility is always there to help you out. The good news is that now you can be friends with this technology to watch CWTV online outside US as well.


CWTV- A brief intro

The CW network hatched out from the collaboration of two big daddies of the entertainment industry – CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment. The CWTV thus formed, is host to a wide selection of TV programs that tempt you to thrill, laugh, enjoy, cry, play, and sing along with every single moment on your device’s screen.

Some hit shows like America’s Next Top Model, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Jane The Virgin, etc., are among the most viewed and talked about programs all across America. The Messengers, and iZombie are the next ones from the streaming service to sizzle the screens. With such rich variety of entertainment, you just cannot afford missing even one of them, could you? However, as an irony, if you are outside US for a business tour or are on a vacation to have lots and lots of fun, CWTV won’t be there to entertain you.

Why CWTV is not available outside US?

While being in a location other than US, if you feel like watching what’s going on in ‘Hart of Dixie’, and try to open CWTV on your laptop or mobile device, the following message will greet you, “Sorry, this content is not available in your location”.

This georestriction is due to the location detection method used by the streaming facility. Through this, it bars the viewers located outside the US to stream content from CWTV website. As soon as their trackers identify the location of your IP address to be somewhere beyond US, you are blocked.

The need is therefore to adopt a system that could help you watch your favorite programs without getting in the black list of the service provider. Smart DNS Proxy is perhaps a thoughtful option in this regard, and holds eminence over other methods when it comes to bypass the online censorship.

How to watch CWTV outside us via Smart DNS Proxy?

Choosing for one of the reputed service providers in this business would be a smart move to help you overcome the restriction. Some reputed names, like, are a welcome choice to assist your cause owing to a plethora of effective advantages.

  • The company offers the services of its hell fast and secure US based DNS servers
  • Its servers establish a link between the CWTV website and your device, such as laptop, PC, smart phone, gaming console, etc.
  • Sends and re-routes the necessary information through advanced proxy servers
  • Re-routes the information or data related to only your IP address,
  • Leaves the sensitive data related to other internet usage untouched, hence negating the apprehensions of data theft online.
  • Lets you stream or download digital content at a faster speed and in HD Quality.
  • Offers safest, fully secure, and ultimate method to unblock region-restricted content
  • Have its servers located worldwide, enabling you to exhilarate those momentous joys of uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Besides enabling you to watch the CW live online free, it also helps you to enjoy other streaming services like Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, and so on, by shattering the barriers of censorship

Relish the excitement of unblocking CWTV today!

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