BBC iPlayer l November 2, 2014

How Smart DNS Proxy helps you Gain Access to BBC iPlayer in Georestricted Locations?

BBC iPlayer, available as internet TV, radio service, and mobile app is a household name in the UK. Thanks to a wide selection of classic and contemporary shows, sporting events, family entertainment programs, Sci-fi, and news specials, it is almost sin to take your eyes off from it.

However, the BBC app is restricted for viewing only in limited countries including UK, Australia, Canada, etc. If you wish to watch it outside these allowed locations, you can’t. Let us delve deeper into this topic; starting with the reason why a majority of aficionados prefer hooking up on to this UK based streaming facility

Access BBC iPlayer

Why BBC iPlayer holds widespread craze?

The channel, which is available online through live streaming on your desktops as well as through apps on your Smartphone, is home to quality entertainment. Entertaining programs like Panorama, Planet Earth, Live at the Apollo, Gavin & Stacey, Life Story, Detectorits, and many more, hold that magical effect to keep your glued to your place till the last scene. BBC iPlayer is encrusted with all these and a tail long list of other hit programmes.

Currently, you can download and play the BBC iPlayer app on your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone to get entertained by 2000 plus hours of British TV shows in 13 distinct genres on request. One subscription helps you to watch your favorite shows on all these three devices, you don’t need to subscribe for each device separately. Prior to subscribing, you can also browse through the free content available with the channel, which is updated every week.

Pan Europe presence

As for its reach, you can gain access to BBC iPlayer without hassles if you reside in any of these European nations: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Recently, the channel is also made available for legal viewing now in Australia and Canada. While you are somewhere outside the sphere of these countries, say in the US or Ireland, etc., you will have a stiff time viewing the constantly refreshed and enriched content on BBC iPlayer.

As you try opening any video, you will instantly get a message citing your inability to view the TV show due to georestriction. Hence, even if you have subscribed for the service, you will have to remain aloof of your favorite shows till the time you are outside your location. However, there is a remedy to this problem, in the form of Smart DNS Proxy.

How Smart DNS Proxy is different in unblocking BBC iPlayer?

It is a smart proxy service, which is a welcome improvement over the usual proxy servers and even better than the virtual private networks. Usually, a proxy server hides the IP address of your device, and intercepts the content being transferred between BBC iPlayer and the device at your end. This allows you to unblock the content. Likewise, a VPN helps you to get away with censorships by allowing you to use a UK based IP address.

Both these methods are helpful to some extent in unblocking BBC iPlayer. However, they accompany certain demerits, such as sluggish speed, obligation to install software, availability on limited devices, and so on.

Smart DNS Proxy sets you free from all these hassles. It simply requires you to configure your network settings with a given DNS server address. This method allows the proxy server to send or re-route only the information concerning your geographical location. The fact that only calculated data is transferred helps you to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK at a blazing speed and with enhanced data streaming quality. Among the other benefits to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK using Smart DNS Proxy, include the freedom from software installation, availability on multiple devices, and comparably cheaper subscription packages.

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